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Bart Mul


The longer I worked as a quality manager with ManualMaster, the more enthusiastic I became. I wanted to do more with it as a fan! I get energized by sharing my enthusiasm for the software with others. My hands-on experience taught me the added value of ManualMaster for organizations. There are many possibilities, and there is almost always a suitable solution for any situation. As a consultant and trainer at ManualMaster, I help clients find these solutions and set up a robust system.

I live in Dinxperlo, a town in the Achterhoek, together with my girlfriend and son. It’s a cozy place with friends and family nearby, whom I visit regularly. In my free time, I’m often at the gym, but I also enjoy tinkering with software, databases, and servers whenever I can.

My specializations include:

  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Quality Management
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