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Document Management

ManualMaster’s document management software contains smart solutions to keep an overview and make the right information available to the right person at the right time in one place. You increase efficiency, reduce multiple risks and create autonomy and involvement. As an organisation you deal with tens, hundreds or even thousands of documents, process diagrams and forms, which means good document managment is essential. Especially if quality requirements are also set for this information.

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Advanced Document Management

Central storage with access control ensures that the right people can read, modify, authorise and delete documents. The automatic revision system with a version history enables you to demonstrate that the right versions are being used in addition to simplifying version control.

The approval process, distribution and prevention of old and/or multiple versions helps you keep an overview, minimise frustration and maximise efficiency.

The Powerful ManualMaster Engine

At the heart of the document management system, you’ll find our unique ‘Automatic Change Control’ (ACC) functionality. A system that was set up and refined in consultation with our customers. Basically, the ACC ensures that you no longer have to perform all the necessary checks on your documents yourself. ManualMaster takes the entire job off your hands, automating the entire process, eliminating manual work altogether. Saving time and ensuring consistency.

With the ACC, changing a function name becomes child’s play. All you have to do is change it centrally in ManualMaster once and the software will automatically implement this in all documents, processes and forms. Obviously, ManualMaster will create a new version (with a new version number), the previous version will then be archived, the reason for the modification will be filled in and ManualMaster will also automatically publish the new version.

The ACC thus also automatically restores your hyperlinks, links with standards, abbreviations and definitions, classifications or company names. All with version management, meaning everything is always traceable. The ACC takes work off your hands and ensures that names, hyperlinks, jargon and master data are used unambiguously.

Switching Is Easy

The versatile integration with MS Office makes it easy to import your files and create new ones in a recognisable environment.

With ManualMaster you continue to work in MS Word, Excel or Visio. The system merely adds smart functionality and assists you with efficient and demonstrable document control. You can provide information from one central storage (which is easy to search) and build one of the components of your quality management system.

Switching to ManualMaster does not just represent a great leap forward in terms of your document management, all the related processes also stand to benefit in the process. Training, process management, CAPAs, supplier management, audits, etc. are simplified thanks to a streamlined and consistent document management system.


Save time and prevent errors with ManualMaster’s digital approval workflow. You can automatically and digitally set out the verification and authorisation for any employee(s) that are linked with the document. Sending e-mails and reminders manually is a thing of the past.

After this document cycle, the files are automatically converted to HTML so that any user with a PC, tablet or mobile phone can securely consult, search and print the information. Your employees are automatically notified even if you wish to receive a read & understand confirmation.

With ManualMaster you have full control over the distribution of your information. Moreover, the process is efficient and every user always has access to the current information.

For Whom?

Your documents, processes and forms become available to any user who needs them. Regardless of their location or role and you can even make them available to non-ManualMaster users. Each stakeholder is offered the information that is relevant to him/her.

Strict Quality Requirements?

The manual management of documents is prone to error, can slow down the process and can cause many problems. Which is something you want to avoid, especially when deal with stricter legislation and regulations.

ManualMaster is used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, environments where quality requirements are high. The ManualMaster quality system meets the requirements set in these industries and helps you minimise the costs involved in complying with these requirements, creating the margin you need to focus on all other QESH matters.

ManualMaster helps us to store all relevant quality related documents in one place. And have a regular update and review of documents, the latest version of a document is always available

Ute HaaslerAdmin Operations, Tetra GmbH - Germany

ManualMaster is our Document Control System. Plant documents used by production and other departments are stored within MM. Keeping correct revisions of SOP's, work instructions, training documents, Quality documents, production documents in one place and organized.

Evan StatonQuality Manager, Spectrum Brands - USA

ManualMaster is a good working QHSE document management system to stay compliant to ISO / FSSC 22000 requirements and legal requirements. All staff have an easy access to the latest versions of our procedures and work instructions (as paperless as possible); easy auditing and monitoring of reviews / review dates. Tip: If you have any problem with the software, get in contact with them and you get a great support from there helpdesk and/or consultants.

Peter van HamelenCorporate QHSE manager, Dekker Tankopslag & Tanktransport BV - Netherlands and multiple locations in Europe

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