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Working safely in the construction industry. A topic that every construction company has to deal with. Quality management is important for all construction processes, risks must be identified, the right documentation must be available and easy reporting of dangerous situations or accidents is a must. VCA, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 require a structured approach. ManualMaster’s powerful software ensure you keep an overview and get a grip on the current situation. All the information is quickly available, within one platform (where necessary integrated with your other software). In addition to this, you also keep an overview of all inspections, reports and risks. You save time, can make adjustments quickly and employees’ awareness of safety is increased.

Our main goal was to set up a quality system throughout the whole organisation. Around 4500 are using the system within Boels at the moment. We are managing Processes, Procedures and Work Instructions in ManualMaster for knowledge management and document management. Tip: If you're a multilingual organisation, create one instance / dashboard where every language can be found on one page.

Rob MaassenBusiness Process Analyst, Boels Rental - Netherlands and several locations in Europe
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