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Deviation Management

Deviations, errors, shortcomings, non-conformities all are an essential part of continuous quality improvement. Manual actions to collect data, cumbersome e-mail exchanges and many hours spent on compiling reports are now a thing of the past thanks to ManualMaster. Digitise to save time, achieve transparency and increase the ability to respond quickly.

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Your Working Method

A ‘Deviation’ can refer to a change, an inadequacy, a deviation from the norm, an irregularity or a malfunction. Every organisation has different ways of dealing with this. ManualMaster maintains your current working method. Thanks to our software, however, you eliminate wasted time, the lack of an overview and trying to keep up with the facts.

Effortless Registration

Abnormalities can easily be registered on a mobile phone, with a tablet or on your laptop. Depending on the situation, the correct entry fields will be displayed.

Adding a photo with your mobile device is a breeze. And because every employee can easily register deviations, you’ll find that they are recorded more often.

Deviation Management

Some deviations can be easily dealt with. Often a deviation requires immediate corrective action, a root cause analysis must be carried out, the CAPAs are implemented, a risk analysis is carried out or a management or change process is deployed.

The more extensive the workflow, the more time you’ll save. ManualMaster ensures digital follow-up of all the required steps and automatically sends notifications to the right stakeholders. Besides being efficient, this also means that you have a trackable system so you can always visualise who did what when.

Access and Reporting

In ManualMaster, you have 24/7, organisation-wide access to deviation management. Integration with quality processes such as document changes, compliance, CAPA management and risk analyses has been made easy

The software supports graphical and visual displays of statistics, reports and trends for a complete overview of your deviation management. You are in control, can intervene in a timely manner and thus prevent deviations in the future.

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