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Fulfilling the expectations of customers in the transport & logistics industry is a daily occurrence, which is of paramount importance in this sector. ISO 9001, 14001 or GMP+ certification are all important, but the greatest possible customer satisfaction takes priority over everything else. In a market that is continuously in motion, in every respect. Establishing processes, risks, documents and registrations is extremely important in this context. ManualMaster helps you do this efficiently and supports you in achieving optimum results.

ManualMaster’s document and process management contributes to transparency, trust and a competitive advantage. Risks are clearly mapped and are an integral part of your quality management system. By digitising complaints, incidents, deviations and reports - and the resulting actions - , you know what is going on now, are able to intervene in a timely manner and increase the quality of your service.

ManualMaster is helping us with the management of documents, instructions, procedures and incidents. We need to store this in one place and be able to create easily Management Reviews.

Andrzej JozwiakQHES manager, Nijhof-Wassink Sp.z o.o. - Poland
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