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En Route to ‘Royal’ Status

Another 30 years before we will have been in business for 100 years and have the right to apply for ‘Royal’ status. But this gives you a good idea of the way we think. On a road without an end. Meaning we don’t have the hassle of worrying about annual plans, targets and setting achievable goals. En route we learn from each other, from the customers for whom we work and from the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Obviously, we have set ourselves some goals. But these all take the form of an imaginable imagination. This basically means an image that feels feasible and directs the progress that you make as an organisation or a subsidiary thereof. Because you run into all sorts of things en route, the end result often is slightly different from the idea which prompted the journey. Is that bad? No, it’s simply a fact.

Keep Moving Consciously

We strive to be as aware as possible of our actions. In our opinion, this is the best way to implement risk management. Obviously we take risks, or we wouldn’t make any progress and keep moving. We ensure that we create and take advantage of opportunities, have an eye for perspectives and prevent risks as much as possible. How? By taking measures where necessary and keeping a guideline such as the ISO 27001 standard in mind in everything we do.


Job satisfaction is of paramount importance to us on our ‘Royal’ journey. Having fun with colleagues, as well as with customers and other contacts. Openness, honesty and a great sense of humour are the building blocks that help us achieve this

From Complexity to Simplicity

We chart our course with all of our knowledge and a keen sense of constant curiosity. We go that extra mile for our customers and believe in what we do. We supply good tools that are easy to use, paying attention to those details that make quality management and document control so complex.

ManualMaster and CSR

A crucial part of providing high-quality services is taking responsibility. Responsibility for the well-being of everyone involved with ManualMaster, for our role in society, and for our place on the planet. Therefore, we are happy to walk you through the steps we take to achieve a high level of corporate social responsibility. This way you know exactly what to expect from us regarding our business operations, diversity, and our cooperation with socially involved organizations.

Read more about the steps we take in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our Customers

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For Whom Are We Doing All This?

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