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Tasks and Actions

The registration of an audit, incident, complaint or deviation requires you to take action. Tasks to take corrective or preventive action are the cornerstone of your continuous improvement cycle. In some industries this is also called CAPA (corrective and preventive action) management. CAPA management and monitoring progress can often be a challenge if all you have is an Excel list and e-mail. ManualMaster offers a comprehensive, user-friendly system that is designed to effectively manage corrective action/preventive processes while integrating this with other quality processes. With our software you overcome challenges such as uncontrollability, inefficiency and a host of different systems.

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The Source

Centralising actions and tasks in one CAPA register has several advantages. With ManualMaster, all actions – regardless of their source – are centrally managed. You always have an insight into the reason for a task and the number of actions and their status are transparent are the source. For example, you have an immediate overview of all the actions that were taken during an inspection.

No individual lists, all the information is centrally available. Besides saving time, you also prevent things from being overlooked.

Identification and Follow-up

Like all other components of ManualMaster, actions can be implemented flexibly and in a user-friendly manner. An investigation into the actual root cause, a risk analysis or a management of chance (MoC) are just a few of the things that are possible.

The follow-up is variable; based on various conditions, the action will be automatically forwarded to the right person or department

The Check

Implementing tasks and actions requires follow-up and monitoring, but checking their effectiveness is also a crucial part of the process. With ManualMaster, this is done efficiently and registered.

You have a real-time insight into the tasks and actions that were less than effective and can see which follow-up actions were taken. A task thus becomes a process, ensuring that the focus is where it should be and that people are not running around aimlessly.


Obviously, all tasks and actions are presented in one action register. Filters, sorts and exports enable you to retrieve the most recent information with just a few clicks. In addition, the system has graphs, line charts and performance meters so you can scan information at a glance.

In ManualMaster, the right information for the right person is always displayed. Your department manager thus only sees those overviews and charts that are relevant and important. You quickly see the bigger picture, in addition to gaining an insight into any bottlenecks and turnaround times.

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