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Reporting and Graphs

Your organisation and the world around us are constantly changing. Current data, so that you can easily make adjustments, therefore are of crucial importance. Analysing your data is becoming more complicated by the day, the amount of data to be processed and the number of relevant data sources you need to consider has increased with leaps and bounds. Your ManualMaster system generates a lot of information and before you even realise it, you will no longer see the forest for the trees. At the same time, users have certain expectations when it comes the quality of reports: a professional design, secure data and personal information so that the relevant data is immediately available. ManualMaster offers several handy tools in the basic module to display powerful, dynamic, secure and personal reports in real-time. You can control the progress, can immediately make adjustments where necessary and gain an insight into trends and critical issues.

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Overviews of your document or process management system, of your risks and of all your quality assurance can be generated in no time at all. By default, the system provides you with the most common overviews, but you can also adjust them to suit your needs.

An overview of outstanding actions, documents that have to be revised during the upcoming period or user statistics for your system are always included as a basic element.


Access can be set by person, position, role or department. For the entire overview, but also for the columns and rows of an overview. A manager thus only sees the actions of his/her department in other words and the column with sensitive data is hidden.

By using overviews in a document (with version control), the correct information is also displayed in a secure manner, ensuring your information is always protected. You control the availability of the right information, at the right time, for the right person.

Your Reports

In addition to basic reports, ManualMaster has a comprehensive report tool. You can use it to generate your own reports with all the available data in ManualMaster or even in other systems. With your own logo, your own visuals and your own look & feel.

Whether you select text, charts, diagrams or performance meters, thanks to ManualMaster you always know what’s going on.

Real-Time and Export

You can display the reports in real-time on the ManualMaster web portal. Obviously, ManualMaster checks whether the reader has the right access rights. The reports can also be exported to PDF, CSV or in MS Word for internal or external sharing.

You determine who can access specific reports. The data is thus transparently displayed to the right people. Giving them insights and up-to-date overviews.

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