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Audit Management

Save time by digitising audits and checklists so you can focus on the results instead! Eliminate Excel sheets, cumbersome actions to link images, having to manually put in place actions via e-mail and many man-hours spent on generating overviews. With ManualMaster audit management, the audit system becomes efficient and dynamic, transparency is increased, and you can focus on improvement.

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Logical Questionnaires

Standardised audits ensure consistency, guaranteeing that the right components are checked. With ManualMaster, questionnaires can be easily completed on a PC, tablet or mobile phone. You can immediately add a photo from your mobile device, you can use scores, link findings and send them on directly. Auditors’ effectiveness and productivity is immediately increased.

Audit management within ManualMaster is very flexible. You select the layout and the type of questions (drop-down list, open question or Yes/No format). You also control the logic behind the questionnaires. Automatic data retrieval from other systems, mandatory components or additional questions that are suggested based on an earlier answer are all possible. Gone are the days of redundant information, ambiguities or incomplete checks. Audit management with the right questions at the right time, time savings and always the right data.

Findings & Actions

Schedule and assign audits to the appropriate internal and external stakeholders, add deadlines and check that nonconformities are covered.

With ManualMaster, the right people are automatically informed after a form was filled out. Depending on the data entered, notifications are sent. Your findings and actions are immediately charted. The actions during an audit are visible at a glance and the status of these actions is also immediately clear.

Audit Management Integration

Our software supports multiple integrations, starting with Active Directory synchronisation and data sharing with a BI tool. Specifically for audit management, we integrate document, process, standards and risk management.

The auditors thus have a direct insight into the processes during an audit, the compliance with a standard can be verified and the control measures of a risk inventory can be fully checked for effectiveness. All information is immediately available!

Statistics & Reports

Real-time statistics, with automatically generated overviews and charts, are just a click away. Charts with actions that are linked to the KPIs are also always available. The ManualMaster dashboard displays the data that helps you to control everything and set the right priorities.

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