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Standard Management

ManualMaster's software simplifies compliance with legislation and regulations. The question remains, obviously, whether compliance with legislation and regulations should also be the driving force behind your quality management system. We don’t think this should be the case. The standard merely is a tool that offers guidance but you decide how to implement it.

That is exactly why ManualMaster is not a ‘standardised ISO system’. Instead, we provide you with intelligent tools that offer support, with which you can set up your system quickly and effectively. We offer templates and tools but ultimately, you are in the driver’s seat and decide how to implement them. We encourage autonomy, because autonomy paves the way for agility.

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Supporting All Standards

Compliance with standards often requires a broad spectrum of support such as process management, document management, risk management, complaint management, deviation management, continuous improvement, KPIs and learning/development.

All these components can be integrated in ManualMaster. So we do not depend on one specific standard. Our software supports food safety standards, environmental standards, general quality standards and all kinds of standards for different types of care organisations and governments. From ISO 9001 to NIAZ and from BRC Food to GxP. The software makes it easy for you to test your situation against the standards.


The component for establishing standards is a basic component of ManualMaster software. Here you can record one or more standards. Each paragraph has the space to enter a description and you can indicate the extent of compliance with the standard with a colour.

In addition, you can directly link supporting documents to a paragraph, thus demonstrating how the requirement is complied with. Supporting documents can include documents, a risk analysis, actions, activities in a process or an external hyperlink. Here too you benefit from the integration of the various components in ManualMaster, saving you time and giving you an overview.

A dynamic overview is created that immediately shows the extent of your compliance with the standard and which supporting documents you have provided for this. Ideal before, during and after an audit!

Integrated Compliance Solution

ManualMaster simplifies compliance with the requirements set in legislation and regulations. Instead of being decisive, the standard is supportive in the system. At the same time, you have just one overview, for everything. No more relying on separate Excel sheets, no manual work. Everything is combined in an automated ‘Compliance’ solution, that is easy to access by any user who needs it.

You benefit from the commitment, consistency, time savings and efficiency that our basic component offers.

The Right Information, in the Right Format, for the Right Person

ManualMaster gives you the option of looking at your information from different ‘perspectives’. Each stakeholder is only shown the information that is relevant to this person. This information is presented in a logical, user-friendly and recognisable format.

As such, an auditor can approach the information from a standard, a manager can view the same information from the perspective of his/her department and the operator on a production line is shown the information from a visual flowchart. The right information, in the right format, for the right person.

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