Government & Para-Statal Entities

Working efficiently within complex organisations with internal and external stakeholders, legislation, obligations and rules can be quite a challenge. The government and para-statal entities are keenly aware of this. Processes are extensive and versatile, but civil servants must also comply with the GDPR, as well as other legislation such as BAG, WMO, and so on. More work needs to be done with fewer people, citizens are demanding and the media keeps close tabs on you.

Safe software that offers you an insight into risks and process improvement and guarantees that you work according to the right agreements is thus crucial in this field. ManualMaster has the tools to ensure that you can always present the right information to the right person at the right time. Processes become clear, risks transparent and workflows run efficiently. You create clarity and an overview with powerful reports and management tools, making timely adjustments easier to implement.

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