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Complaint Management

Effective complaint management plays a crucial role in quality control. With ManualMaster, complaints from customers, suppliers or internal employees are easily registered and saved in a structured manner. In addition, the corrective actions are monitored and the preventive actions can help to prevent complaints in the future. All data is stored in a central database, which you can use to analyse complaints, detect problems and intervene where necessary. You save time, gain valuable insights and can manage the satisfaction of your customers, suppliers and employees.

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Complaint management is different for every industry. A hospital has specific requirements that must be met, whereas a complaint to a construction or pharmaceutical company can have major (social/financial) consequences.

Your business operations and the legislation and regulations with which you must comply make your complaint management unique. That is why our software is open and flexible. You start from a solid foundation, which can be easily adjust and supplemented. As such, you can adjust the complaint management to your wishes, you can easily maintain your current working method and continue to use your own layout. The digital registration is recognisable, time-saving and user-friendly.

Easy Registration

Because ManualMaster only displays the applicable entry fields in a registration, digital registration becomes efficient. By presenting questions in a smart and dynamic way, complaint registration becomes simple and you ensure that the correct data is collected.

Because ManualMaster does not have a license for the person who registers a complaint, external parties can also fill in your complaint forms. A customer or supplier can thus easily submit a complaint as a result. On your website and/or intranet with a laptop, PC, mobile phone or tablet.

After the form has been filled in, you can add various elements, such as a risk analysis or a root cause analysis (fishbone diagram). All aspects that you wish to include in your complaint management system become available digitally thanks to ManualMaster. Your complaints are handled by the right person in your organisation and all stakeholders are automatically kept informed.

Targeted Workflow

The digital registration automatically results in tasks, depending on the nature of the complaint, the scope, the priority or the location. The complaints are thus automatically handled by the right people. Your complaints are thus easy to track and e-mails keep the person who submitted the complaint and everyone in the process in the loop.

Corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) are linked to the complaint, so that these can also be followed up automatically. Excel lists, individual e-mails and manual follow-up systems thus become a thing of the past. You will gain more control over the process, can guarantee proper handling and follow-up of your complaints and thus save time.

Smart Integration

Isolated complaints almost never occur. There is always a link with several part of your business operations. ManualMaster gives you the option to integrate complaints with other systems. This includes:

  • The automatic retrieval of customer or supplier data from your own registration systems.
  • Immediately indicate which documentation from your quality management system must be adjusted.
  • Retrieval of data from a risk inventory, so that the control measures can be re-examined.

Analyse and Improve

Because all data is stored in one central database, you can easily perform analyses. Lead times, frequencies and trends provide valuable information. You can immediately see where you need to take action and the information helps you to prevent complaints in the future as well as improve the quality of your products and services.

Because everything can be consulted in real-time in overviews and charts, you have access 24/7 to all information. Whether you need it for a management review or to be able to act quickly when objectives are likely to not be achieved.

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