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The legislation on food safety and quality management is strict and varies within the animal feed/food industry. On top of this, producers must also take regulations such as HACCP, BRC, IFS, FFC 22000, SKAL, etc., into account. Moreover, your customers also impose specific requirements. You must manage all this and more in a constantly changing organisation, market and world. The result? A slew of documents, process information, risks, complaint management, certificates, deviation management and audit findings. How to keep an overview? And how to focus on what really matters?

ManualMaster offers you intelligent tools that facilitate the management of all your quality, safety, environmental and labour matters. Your employees can easily find the right information. Whether they are a manager wanting an overview of an inspection report at a glance or an auditor who wants to understand how you have set up the continuous improvement cycle.

Jessy Scheepers and Els den Hartog, Hearthside Europe

'ManualMaster Ensures Well-Organised and Findable Information'

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