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For Whom Are We Doing All This?

An important starting point in the development of our quality management software is that everyone should have the right information that they need to work at the right time. Every stakeholders within and outside your organisation has his/her own view on the organisation.
This means that a quality management system (QMS) must be developed starting from different perspectives. Unfortunately, the opposite is often true in practice. Developers tend to choose one perspective, i.e., that of the quality assurance department. As a result, many stakeholders are neither interested or have no interest in using the QMS. This is a missed opportunity.

An Insight Into Your Business Operations

It all depends on who is looking at the documents: an auditor or an employee who works on the production line in a plant.

An example:

An External Auditor

Looks for evidence of risk management in the business processes and mainly checks whether sufficient quality assurance measures are in place.

An Experienced Operator

May not really need his or her work instructions but does, for example, need digital forms to report detected deviations.

A Quality Manager

Requires an overview of every aspect, with which insight can be obtained into the status of documents, including the progress of adjustments, the review of documents, authorisations, etc.

In short, everyone has their own view or perspective. With our quality management software you can specify what someone should be able to see in order to do his or her job and what else people can see in the system if they are interested.

The Right Information in the Right Place at the Right Time

The right information in the right place at the right time is an excellent basis for transparent business operations and a qualitative implementation. Make sure your quality management system is worth using!

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