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If you work in the manufacturing, chemical and production industry, you’ll be very familiar with all things QHSE. You work in an environment, after all, where many risks occur, where efficiency is crucial and where several requirements are set. Safety, the environment, quality and working conditions are your utmost priority. With ManualMaster you can record all QHSE-related matters, from process information and risks management to document control and audits. Meeting ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS or even GAMP5 requirements is much easier, transparent and more effective with ManualMaster’s intelligent solutions. You remain in control, with powerful software for quality management, audit management and risk management, while the willingness to report continues to increase.

Wim Nijkamp, Reginox

‘The ManualMaster WebForms Are Fast and Easy to Use. A Fantastic Product!’

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