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Web Portal (Dashboard)

The adoption of a management system depends on several factors. One important factor is the system’s user-friendliness, recognisability and accessibility. ManualMaster software offers every user a personal homepage that is completely in tune with your corporate identity. A central portal that displays all the information that is relevant to the person that has logged in. The right information, at the right time for the right person, so that people can quickly access correct information, outstanding actions are immediately clear and new information can be immediately accessed. In addition to increasing adoption, employees save time, managers can make adjustment more quickly and the use of the system takes a leap forward.

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Corporate Identity

The ManualMaster system can easily be adapted to your own layout. On a general level, by adding your logo and down to the smallest details such as the colour of a hyperlink. We are always amazed at how our customers design their system. Our user-friendly tools have unprecedented possibilities and everything can be adapted quickly.

Because ultimately an eye-catching landing page, with your images, colours, videos, menus, and action buttons is extremely important for the user experience!

Multiple Layouts, One System

Most organisations often don’t have just one homepage. They have multiple business units, sites, departments and languages. Thanks to ManualMaster, you can create a dedicated homepage or web portal for each organisational unit. The same information can thus be presented in a different design in several places.

Depending on the person who has logged in, only the information that is applicable is shown, in the right language and with the right corporate identity. Recognisable, distinctive and appealing.

My Information / All Information

The correct information is made available to every user with smart links in the system. Moreover, ManualMaster offers the possibility to display primary and secondary information. The information from your department is thus immediately available, but users can also search outside the department.

For example, your purchasing manager will see all things related to the purchasing department, initially also searches within this scope. However, he/she also has the option of searching (part of) the HRM portal. The result is a personalised system, rather than an unstructured repository.

Tasks and Actions

ManualMaster is based on Single Sign-on. You will therefore be logged in automatically. Because the system recognises you, only your own actions are displayed and you can see which information is new to you.

On the ManualMaster web portal, your tasks that require immediate attention are flagged in red. Besides this, your other messages, to do’s or your own favourites will also be displayed here.

Communication / Intranet

By default, the ManualMaster homepage, also called web portal or dashboard, offers functionality such as content search, and displays CAPA management, favourites, charts, new information and several other tiles. In addition, you also have the option of displaying announcements, loading an RSS feed, displaying the rain radar or traffic news or loading a video.

An additional layer of information is thus added to your management system, stimulating users to adopt it.

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