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Security, Privacy and Technology

ManualMaster pulls out all the stops to develop good and secure software. Software that suits today’s user and meets all the standards. We know where things can go wrong in terms of security and are aware of the pitfalls.

Software development is a complex process and a lot has changed over the years. Whereas in the past programmers only had to take the end user’s wishes into account, now factors such as security and privacy also play a role. Interaction with other programmes, support for various devices such as a PC, laptop or being able to work with a mobile phone and tablet have also influenced software development.

Our starting premise is that any addition or modification to our software must benefit all its users. This makes the process all the more complex and challenging. Because what may suit one user, may need some tweaking for other users. Our task is to transpose all of this into useable programme components.

We chose Microsoft as the preferred platform for the development of ManualMaster. Thanks to proven components such as the Microsoft.Net Framework and Microsoft Office, we are able to build robust, contemporary software. The software is integrated with MS Word, Excel and Visio, resulting in great ease of use for administrators of the quality management system because they already are accustomed to working with these products. This also makes it easy to import existing texts or processes, paving the way for a full implementation soon after the start of a project.


Today’s society requires a strong focus on security. Especially now that more and more systems and platforms are being made available online on the internet or in the cloud. As such, we must also focus on the security aspects that this entails.
ManualMaster has numerous built-in functions to connect with commonly used authentication systems, such as Microsoft’s Active Directory, SAML idp provider or OAuth. Our links enable users to log in securely in a way that already feels familiar to them. Obviously, the data traffic between the various software components (client, browser, service, database, etc.) is well protected to prevent outsiders from reading along.


By regularly conducting pen tests (penetration test) on the ManualMaster software, we have IT and software experts perform security checks to verify whether our software guarantees the right security level.

All the security features that we integrated in the software ensure that you will not find any shortcomings with regard to the GDPR or ISO27001.

ManualMaster, the Organisation

As an organisation we also closely monitor our own security and privacy. We are very careful with our own data and that of our customers when it comes to your ManualMaster system and personal data. To guarantee this, we sign a Processing Agreement with you. How we handle your personal data and that of your colleagues is set out in the privacy notice on this website.

Information security within our company is managed in accordance with the ISO27001 standard. This is how we ensure that your and our data is and remains safe.

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Contact us to find out more about the security features of ManualMaster software, the ManualMasterCloud or how we secure data in our organisation.

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