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What About Licenses?

The purchase of ManualMaster consists of four components: modules, licenses, implementation guidance and support & maintenance. Thanks to the modular structure and user licenses, you can limit yourself to using those components that suit your situation and wishes. Obviously, we train your key uses and oversee the implementation. We have been doing this since 1992, so we know exactly how we can also achieve optimal results with your implementation.

An important premise in our licensing model is that you do not pay for the readers of your system. Users who consult information, but also have authorisation rights, submit suggestions for improvement or fill in a form do not require a license. ManualMaster offers the possibility to easily cordon off information and only show the information that is required. You can therefore also give externals access to the system without having to purchase additional licenses.


ManualMaster has a modular structure. You choose the components that suit your situation and wishes. Instead of providing you with a different module for every functionality, we have grouped the components. You can thus expect the basic module to include all the essential components, such as document control, process management, risk management, standards management and reports. We discuss with you which component is necessary now and which ones you may want to add in the future.


The reader (or web user) has extensive options within ManualMaster such as consulting, searching, authorising, confirming that they have read and understood information and filling in digital forms. ManualMaster charges no license fees for web users. You can thus give an unlimited number of people access to the web portal. Including people outside your organisation. We have several types of licenses for people who want to manage settings, risk management, questionnaires, task management, document and process management, standards, etc.
As such, you can make available the information that is reserved for a specific role within your organisation. Moreover, you can also define roles yourself, determining – down to button level – who can view, modify or delete what.


Our employees are happy to assist you in the implementation of the management system. We do this through project management, training and consultancy. Together we put together a phased implementation plan, guiding you towards optimal results. After implementation, you can independently manage and expand the programme.

Support and Maintenance

During and after the implementation, our helpdesk is at your service, offering support where necessary. The helpdesk handles technical and functional questions by telephone, e-mail or remotely. In the ManualMaster Academy we share knowledge, whether our own or that of our customer base and of specialists in specific fields. In addition, we give regular updates about application development in the past period. This way you are always kept up to date about the latest available functionality. New updates are covered under the support and maintenance contract, so that you always have access to all the improvements, modifications and new functionality.

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