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Process Management

Mapping processes by means of (flowchart) diagrams creates structure, efficiency and an overview in your quality management. That is why we know hundreds of organisations that use detailed processes as the basis for all documentation, risk inventories, objectives, audits, standards, controls and performance indicators. With ManualMaster you connect all this information in one central place, saving you time, creating transparency and insight and enabling you to focus on the things that really matter.

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Thanks to the smart integration with MS Visio, you can easily import your existing processes. The modification or creation of new processes is done in a recognisable manner in ManualMaster using MS Visio.

Create processes intuitively and in a user-friendly manner with drag & drop with many layout options and easily insert, move and modify process steps. Your processes are beautifully visualised, in a simple or very detailed format.

The end users inside and outside your organisation see everything in HTML. All the user needs is a browser on a PC, tablet or mobile phone to consult the processes and immediately access the linked information.


With ManualMaster, you can visualize processes and use them as the central component of your quality control system. Your processes become the visual access to your documentation, risks, videos and task matrix. Your organisation can clearly see how a process unfolds and can click through to the linked documents. A description and explanation is visible at every step in the process.

By linking ManualMaster’s interactive risk inventories, the dangers for each process step are immediately visible. It also is immediately clear who plays which role in the selected step. You keep control and retain flexibility. Time savings, ready for modifications and transparency as a result.

Integrated in the Core

Processes are an integral part of the basic system. This means that version control, approval workflows, the ACC, revision warnings, read & understand, etc. also apply to processes. Old versions of processes can be found in the archive and the authorisation for publication is completely digital.

The ACC also applies to your processes. This means, for example, that the modified function name that is used in your process step is automatically updated. If the title of a form is included in your diagram, this title is automatically modified for you (always with version control) in MS Visio if the title of this form is modified by the author.

You benefit from the commitment, consistency, time savings and efficiency that our basic component offers.

Intelligent Overviews

ManualMaster makes your data transparent. Cross-references make it possible, for example, to immediately see for each function which role it plays in the process steps. You immediately gain a vertical insight into your data.

ManualMaster automatically provides a textual overview of your process steps under the visualisation of your process. Including all linked documents, tasks, competences and responsibilities. One page shows both visually and textually how your process is progressing and which aspects are important for each step.

The correct current information is presented in a dynamic way both for visual and textual users.

We use ManualMaster for Digital document handling which include creating, authorisation and expiring. The Standardizing of the layout of our SOP’s, forms, manuals, Work instructions, policies and product specifications and reducing administration time for manual handling is a great benefit of ManualMaster.

Gail ChooISO System Management Representative, BRB Malaysia Sdn Bhd

We manage our facilities forms and manuals in ManualMaster. All information is stored and available into one location, that’s the most important benefit of ManualMaster. ManualMaster is used at several Fokker locations worldwide.

Kirt MathesQuality Manager, Fokker Services - USA

Our main goal with ManualMaster: Routing Legal contracts and compliance documents such as Data Processing Agreements for approval based upon department that uses it and amount of the contract. Reminders for contract expiration so we can renew contracts in time or potentially reduce scope or terminate. Several hundreds of users are using the system including contract owners, approvers, coordinators etc.

Alex ReijnierseInformation Security Architect, Office Depot Europe B.V.

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