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QA Registrations

An essential part of your quality management system are the QA registrations (Quality Assurance) in your organisation. An accident or dangerous situation, an inspection or complaint. Registration can sometimes be quite time-consuming, processing the registration can be inefficient and keeping an overview is often a challenge. With ManualMaster this is a thing of the past. We have user-friendly and intelligent software to register all quality issues.

The forms are easy to fill out on a tablet, PC or telephone. ManualMaster ensures that the information reaches the right person, the workflow is supported by notifications and e-mail messages. All data is easily visualised in overviews, charts and KPI reports. With ManualMaster you get a grip on your workflow, the registration becomes easy and is always complete and you have a real-time overview of all registrations, tasks and actions.

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Powerful and Open

ManualMaster offers a powerful mobile app and web platform to help your organisation perform professional inspections, easily report or implement CAPA management with extensive results analyses.

The challenge is to make registration and follow-up as simple as possible for every employee. That is why we don’t provide a standardised application. Instead you can easily adapt your quality forms to your needs and methods.
We believe that software only really works when it fully meets your wishes, in line with your corporate identity and your vision. ManualMaster gives you this autonomy and makes it possible to digitally record, follow up on and record your registrations in an efficient, streamlined and clear manner.

With ManualMaster you reduce the risk of errors, prevent incomplete registrations, the workflow runs efficiently and you always have an immediate overview. You thus save time and you take the quality registration system to a higher level.

Access Everywhere

Not just on your computer, but also on your smartphone or tablet.

Because registrations in ManualMaster are done in a web-based application, the app is often hosted in the cloud. This means you can access any time, anywhere as long as you have a device with an internet connection.

As users are increasingly adept at using smartphones and tablets, including in regulated industries or healthcare organisations, we have made sure that ManualMaster also works seamlessly on these devices

Supports All Forms

We call them WebForms, but in principle these are your non-conformities, deviations, complaints, incidents, CAPAs, etc.

You can create as many WebForms as you need. You can preconfigure the logic for each type, such as automatic fields, calculations or making fields mandatory to fill in. You determine, with a simple phased plan, who should follow up on what, when and in which order. You can also set who receives which e-mail when. The reports are compiled automatically, but if you require a different sort, column or chart, you can easily generate them.

Registration and CAPA

Your quality registrations are the cornerstone of your CAPA system. These can easily be linked in ManualMaster. You can easily take corrective or preventive action working from a registration, audit finding, report or inspection.

Multiple registration forms use one CAPA form. You thus also have one action register that shows you the current status of your actions. You can also see the reason for a given action for each action

We started with all our work instructions and forms. But gradually we also have our department processes, WebForms for production, engineering and security in the system running, even WebForms for finance about our current stock are inserted in ManualMaster. The next step is to create an overview of all our projects and ideas with a WebForm.

Dirk van LooijEngineer, Bosch Transmission Technology B.V. - Netherlands and Vietnam

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