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Incident Management

Incidents: from a minor accident to a full-blown disasters, every organisation has to deal with them at some point. Accidents without or with injuries, errors, fraud, data breaches, cyberattacks, dangerous situations, improper treatment, damage, etc. Reporting an incident is just the first step in a long process. The follow-up and resolution of incidents by the right people within the set time can be quite a challenge. Identifying trends so that the correct components can be deployed can be time-consuming and an overview of all the completed and current incidents and actions is often lacking. With ManualMaster, this process is streamlined in an integrated, user-friendly incident management system. You reduce the response time to incidents, all the stakeholders are kept informed and you increase the ability to intervene quickly.

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Willingness to Report

Want to create a culture that encourages incident reporting? Easily report an incident on your mobile phone, tablet or PC?

ManualMaster offers simple tools that increase the willingness of your employees to report incidents. By only displaying the information that is needed, reporting incidents becomes a breeze. No unnecessary ballast and no unnecessary actions. Reporting incidents becomes inviting and efficient. Employees can automatically ‘follow’ how the report is handled and processed.

Anything but a Standardised System

ManualMaster adapts to your organisation’s needs. You can adapt the digital reporting forms to your own wishes with different available question types, your own layout and your own terminology. Use incident categories & priorities and add a certain logic to the system with department or job-related questions.

By linking with other systems you can retrieve data such as customer, supplier or product information. Your incident report will have the format, content and intelligence that best suits your situation. Resulting in:

  • Recognisable incident reports
  • No more duplicate, error-prone or unnecessary work
  • An increased willingness to report
  • Efficiency


Every incident (handling process) is different. With ManualMaster, incident reports are automatically delivered to the right person, depending on the type (or, for example, the priority) of incident. E-mail notifications with incident information are sent to the action holder, reporter and/or person/people responsible. Depending on the choices you make for the incident reporting process, an investigation (root cause) can be added, a risk analysis can be carried out, documentation can be adjusted and actions (CAPAs) can be linked. Obviously, an effectiveness check is also possible, which completes the PDCA.

You save time, prevent errors and increase efficiency. With ManualMaster you can control critical events.


All the data from your incident registration is available as texts or charts. With ManualMaster your organisation has 24/7 access to the analysis tools that employees need to make faster and more informed decisions.

With our simple filters, you can answer complicated questions in just a few clicks. For example, all incidents that occurred more than a week ago, or all critical incidents of a specific year. Obviously, only those data are displayed for which the employee has reading permissions.

In graphical reports, the current data is visualised and compared with your objectives and margins. View your incident data, perform effective analysis and create impactful reports that can be directly applied in your management review.


ManualMaster centralises all your quality processes in one place. Integration is possible, for example, by directly clicking through from a process (flowchart) to the incident registration. Risk inventories can be included in incident management and incident data can be combined with other data from ManualMaster in reports. Integration prevents duplicate work, manual work and errors.

Your incident management becomes more efficient by integrating it with other processes, by automating workflow and managing information about quality systems in one source.

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