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The availability of current procedures, efficient workflows and an understanding of the risks is often a priority in healthcare policy. User-friendliness, convenience and a minimal management burden are directly linked to this.

Hospitals, home and residential care, mental healthcare, services for the disabled, etc. all apply different standards. JCI, NIAZ, PREZO, HKZ, and ISO for healthcare are just a few examples that come to mind. In addition to this, healthcare providers set high standards for healthcare, people feel increasingly empowered and unforeseen factors such as COVID-19 have an impact. Working in healthcare thus is always challenging.

As a result of this workload, the quality management system has also come under pressure, at a time when this is more important than ever. With ManualMaster you save time, your processes become more transparent and you can immediately anticipate on current events. A powerful search function and user-friendly document control. Your risks are clearly mapped and documentation, video or forms are integrated with your notifications, audits and reports.

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