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Britt Warnik

I live in Gorinchem, in the Bank van Noppes (Bank of Nada), where I take care of a special co-resident with great pleasure. The reason I mention this is because it introduced me to ManualMaster. The lady in question is actually the eldest daughter of Fred (one of the founders of this company). During the extensive introduction to ManualMaster, I was surprised by the openness, the thinking in possibilities, and the pleasant atmosphere among colleagues. From October 2023, I am allowed to contribute to this.

You could say that I have a rather caring side, and I enjoy helping people. Offering a helping hand can of course take various forms, and I will also tackle this here, as a consultant I may help customers with the implementation and use of the software.

Besides my work, I love to dance and enjoy all kinds of social activities that involve friends, family, and food.

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