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Hugo Bakker

No Sugarcoating

Service, that’s what it’s all about. That is what I learned as a trainee in an ICT Department. Developing an emergency solution quickly so people can get on with their job, while thinking and working hard to devise a structural solution. What is the actual question or problem? That is what you must set out to resolve or answer. Things that were hammered home to me at one time and which determined the path I chose. Back then, my colleagues said this to me and now the customers that I provide support to say this. There really is no difference. The idea is still the same. And that is how you automatically end up somewhere in the middle between functionality and technology. I know a lot about both but (fortunately) I don’t know everything, which gives you a certain freedom of thought. That is where I feel at home: right there, in between these two disciplines that overlap with all the departments and colleagues within the company and with regular contacts with our customers.

My Specialisations

  • Project Management
  • Technical Advice
  • Management Team
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