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Jeroen Vels

No Manual Required

I work as a Technical Consultant at ManualMaster. I have three tasks: I take care of new installations and updates at customers, I am one of the people within ManualMaster who gets to test new versions and finally I also regularly provide support to the Helpdesk in addition to maintaining our own network, websites and software and hardware. In the past 15 years, I’ve witnessed many versions of ManualMaster in addition to just as many different environments.

ManualMaster offers a fun, pleasant and humorous working environment, in which you can always remain true to yourself. (Watching) football and cars are my main pastimes. I settle down in front of the telly for a good game of football and every now and then you can also find me on the circuit.

My Specialisations

  • Technical Consultancy
  • Testing
  • Helpdesk
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