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Ilja Botha

Back Again!

How often does it happen that someone starts working for the same company for a third time? That means two times apart as good friends and three times the desire to go on an adventure together! Very special, and completely super. This not only says something about me, but especially also about ManualMaster, the team, and the company culture.

From 2003 to 2006 I worked at ManualMaster as a consultant and later as an account manager. After a side step in another industry in a job completely focused on sales, my husband and I then left for a year around the world, which resulted in a 12-year stay on St. Maarten in the Dutch Caribbean.

There I worked with great pleasure in the diving industry, had two beautiful daughters, and set up and run a successful eco tour company. In addition to many ups, life in the Windward Islands unfortunately also offers some downs, for example in 2017 we experienced the very devastating hurricane Irma, as a result of which my daughters and I stayed in the Netherlands for 5 months after evacuation, where I was able to strengthen ManualMaster’s back office for 4 months.

After fulfilling our tropical dreams and rebuilding our tour company, in 2020 came the desire to be closer to family, to offer our daughters the best opportunities for their future, and to live and work in a stable economy. The economic blows of Covid on Sint Maarten and its social impact on an island that is largely driven by tourism, are certainly to blame for this.

In 2021 we migrated to the Netherlands, now as a family of four with four pets in tow, two cats and two dogs, so-called coconut retrievers. And actually unintentionally and unplanned but certainly not undesirable back to ManualMaster, this time in the wonderful position of manager operations.

My Specialisations

  • Determine direction and go!
  • Proactive
  • Enthusiastic
  • Interested
  • Organized
  • Analytical
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