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Joffrey Verschoor

Code your dreams into reality

Two years ago I began my adventure as a student at the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam, and today I am here, in my third year of the Software Developer course.

This phase of my life is all about my growth as a Software Developer. My education has already taught me a lot, but of course I want to learn much more. I want to experience the real world of Software Development. That is why I chose to spend my entire third year, divided over two periods, at ManualMaster. I found this company very interesting because of their knowledge about websites and management, which of course has to do with Software Development.

My internship at ManualMaster offers me the opportunity to further develop my skills and work on projects that really matter. I will be involved in website design, development and optimization, and I am also looking forward to exploring other aspects of Software Development.

In addition to my passion for Software Development, I also have a great interest in cars. Although it is not necessarily my hobby, I do find it very fun and interesting to learn more about cars and their technologies.

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