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Lada Vyshniakova

“Sometimes I feel like I’ve tried everything. Until I find something new.”

Ever since my early teens I’ve always looked for new challenges. I started as a radio host and local newspaper journalist, and then moved on to being a freelance event photographer and event-manager. I’ve traveled and volunteered around the word until I eventually joined my first official workplace next to my studies – a municipal youth center. After growing as a professional and learning the ropes of office work, a Washington-based educational start-up came upon my path. I have spent more than a year being a team leader, project manager, learning and development manager, course designer and every possible -er until the Russians started bombing my city.

Missiles were falling next to my dormitory, on my parents’ street and exploding above my grandparents’ house. There was no staying at home anymore. Thus, I left my house, my job, my unfinished master’s degrees, my friends and most of the family. My mom, little brother and I moved to The Netherlands. This was an unexpected emigration. In the meantime I have joined the amazing team of ManualMaster, and the environment I find myself in right now is one of the best possible in this situation. I am excited to assist my coworkers in translation of documents and any tasks in marketing and communication. Regardless of what my tasks are or will be, I’ll always be performing them with passion and ingenuity.

Lada Vyshniakova
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