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ManualMaster and CSR

A crucial part of providing high-quality services is taking responsibility. Responsibility for the well-being of everyone involved with ManualMaster, for our role in society, and for our place on the planet. Therefore, we are happy to walk you through the steps we take to achieve a high level of corporate social responsibility. This way you know exactly what to expect from us and our services.

Sustainable Business Operations

During the ManualMaster Congress in 2021, Raimon Loman let us in on sustainability in the plant and flower sector. His speech and shared insights have inspired us to think about how ManualMaster can contribute to a circular economy and CO2 footprint reduction. How and where can we stimulate a more sustainable and mindful handling of raw materials and our behavior towards nature and people?

Eline and Gitte, two Business Innovation interns from the Avans University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch, have conducted a study and provided insights into where ManualMaster was standing in terms of sustainability. Where are we now and what steps can we take to improve as soon as possible? Our colleagues as well as our customers and a few suppliers were interviewed in order to create a comprehensive picture. And what did we find out? There is a lot of room for improvement. Especially when it comes to (digital) consultations.

Hybrid Consultants

The pandemic did not only put us in extraordinary circumstances, but also taught us some important lessons. We found new worth in online communications alongside in-person meetings. An appropriate balance between these forms of connection brings us the best results. Having the first and last consultation of a project at the client’s location benefits the process, and in-between online consultations benefit the environment. This approach has proved its efficiency: after an introductory conversation, the consultant gets to work with your system, while you continue your operations. Then, regular implementation feedback sessions take place when necessary.

We are choosing to embrace this approach. The balance between sustainability and job satisfaction is at heart of the process. A balance in which the bond with you as a customer and the reduction of hectic and polluting commuting becomes a new standard.

Thanks to your cooperation in online consultations, ManualMaster consultants’ cars emitted about 18,000 kg less CO2 in 2020 and 2021. That is the equivalent of 720 trees in terms of CO2 absorption.

Electric Driving

We also encourage our regularly commuting colleagues to lease an electric car. There are some barriers we had to remove to simplify this process. For example, we help install a charging point at home and offer the option of renting a petrol car when needed, for instance, when going on holiday with a caravan

Diversity and Internal & External Connections

De Bank van Noppes

Fred Vahlkamp, the ​​co-founder of ManualMaster, is also the creator of De Bank van Noppes. This inspiring location in the heart of Gorinchem acts a social space for meeting, working, living, knowledge sharing and connection. All under the motto “Room for Each Other”.

For some, De Bank van Noppes is a home. For others, a space where they can catch up on matters that concern individuals, companies, associations or organizations. The various work and meeting rooms, together with the beautiful city garden and the richly equipped kitchen, form an oasis of inspiration and tranquility in the lively city of Gorinchem with its cozy terraces, dining options, shopping and entertainment areas within the most beautiful ramparts of the Netherlands.

Would you like a short introduction to this unique residential care concept? Do you want to use the Bank? Feel free to ask and contact De Bank van Noppes.

Many individuals, organizations and companies are already working with us, and you can too.

De Bank van Noppes

De Kleine Wereld

Students of De Kleine Wereld provide meals, lunches, refreshments and hospitality activities during our knowledge events and conferences. De Kleine Wereld in Gorinchem is a school for children and teenagers with special learning needs. With this initiative, students are directly involved in everyday events in society. The education of De Kleine Wereld is based on philosophical and social movements of “equality for all”.

The school has obtained the Healthy School mark. This mark shows that De Kleine Wereld meets the quality criteria drawn up by experts. The school ensures active and healthy life of students, a safe school environment, positive atmosphere and attention to the personal and social development of the students.

Drukkerij De Hoop

For our printed materials we regularly use the services of De Hoop Drukkerij, part of the mental health organization De Hoop. De Hoop helps people on their way to a new life.

The printing company realizes that we have to take care of our planet. Therefore, it is important for their business to keep the environment in mind. It is particularly evidenced by the exclusive use of FSC®-certified plant-based inks. De Hoop has been producing alcohol-free printed material for more than ten years, becoming a leader in the industry.

Developments in the world are quite rapid and interconnected. Therefore, we think it is important to keep an eye on them and discuss relevant matters with our customers and relations.

Knowledge Sharing

Developments in the world are quite rapid and interconnected. Therefore, we think it is important to keep an eye on them and discuss relevant matters with our customers and relations. Knowledge sharing events such as our Quality Pop-Ups, conferences and Co-Labs became a perfect tool for this purpose. We want to create meeting places for quality experts from various sectors: from healthcare to food, from heavy industry, chemistry and laboratories to government. During the events and Co-Labs, knowledge and experience are shared both from experts towards the visitors and among the participants themselves. This is how new ideas are born and new ties are created. Professionals from different organizations pursue similar goals, for example in the context of sustainability, and they come together to move faster. The agenda at such events goes beyond quality management: care for people, society and the planet are at the center of discussion.

Quality Pop-Up

The ManualMaster team

If you all look alike and your noses are pointing in one direction, you can’t see what’s happening behind you. Our team is very diverse. How come? Because we value everyone. And whether you are male or female, young, old or something in between, local or a refugee, white, PoC or anywhere on the rainbow spectrum, whether you believe in a god or nothing at all – it does not matter. It appears that acceptance and tolerance boost the diversity.

We are happy to help preparing the new generation for the labor market, and each semester we save room for 1 or more intern to join us. ManualMaster is a recognized training company for various mbo (practically oriented) courses.




You would almost not see the forest for the trees after such a summary. Yet we still have an ambition, introduced by Eline and Gitte. We have a plan. It requires a few things from us and from our immediate surroundings. So we’ll do some research and then tell you more, because we’re proud of it before we’ve even done anything.

What are your achieved goals or ambitious plans?

If you would like to share your story, we will gladly publish it! We include the submissions under this article, so if you wish and the text is suitable for the matter, we will definitely include it in a newsletter! We would love to hear from you!

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