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Martine Kluver

Just Say the Word

After having worked 22 years as a dedicated and loyal employee at a wonderful company that develops and provides continuing education courses in the automotive industry, and a detour of about 2.5 years into the world of recruitment, I started working as a customer service representative at ManualMaster in June 2018. 

I feel like I’ve come home. I am now doing the work for which I was trained all those years ago, and it brings me immense joy! 

At ManualMaster, I am involved in a variety of projects, including coordinating the ManualMaster Academy. I take care of the well-being of our Academy students by attentively listening to their needs and continuously providing them with new and interesting learning experiences in our online learning environment. 

You may also find me answering your calls when you contact ManualMaster, since along with colleagues Thamar and Karin, I handle all incoming calls related to consultancy planning or general information about ManualMaster. 

Apart from this enjoyable way to fill my day to day 😉, I have been the spouse of a tough Marine officer for more than 27 years and the mother of three really wonderful kids (if I may say so myself). In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I find joy in discussing the day with my family during dinner, and whenever possible, I like to listen to or read good books. On weekends, in addition to my supportive roles as soccer and korfball mom, I also enjoy cooking and baking for family and friends. And, of course, we all enjoy eating together afterwards! 

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