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Did you know that.. ManualMaster has a link with Vilans Protocols?

The document management software of ManualMaster mainly focuses on sharing knowledge from the organization to the organization. However, in 2022, ManualMaster created a link with an external party to make external general healthcare protocols and guidelines available straight in ManualMaster. We are excited to share this new possibility with you!

What are Vilans Protocols?

Vilans Protocols are well-known to anyone working in the healthcare sector in The Netherlands. The knowledge sharing organization Vilans publishes these protocols as universal work methods for reserved actions, such as giving injections or prescribing medication. Their guidelines are leading and are essential reference material on the job. In addition, they can also be used for the onboarding of new colleagues.

Protocol Management Through the Years

At first, the newest versions of healthcare protocols were sent via physical mail, until the switch to CDs (for the younger generation; a Compact Disk is a disc on which information could be stored digitally) became the most obvious choice. Still, this brought a lot of manual work along with it, says Hugo Bakker, product owner at ManualMaster. “Despite it being a digital medium, quality management staff had to overwrite the old versions of the manuals with the latest files from the CD.” At some point, Vilans built its own digital platform, where the most recent version of an instruction could be consulted at any time. This was a big step forward and this laid out the foundation for future developments.

Koppeling medische protocollen

Automatic Connection with ManualMaster 

ManualMaster now offers an automatic link with Vilans Protocols. ManualMaster users who have an account with “Mijn Vilans Protocollen” can now connect this to their ManualMaster environment. Such a connection has several advantages:

  • No more manual updates of Vilans documents within your ManualMaster environment. Now everyone with the right credentials has direct access to the most recent document from the original source through ManualMaster.
  • Working from one system. This means no longer having to open two different platforms every time to get the most current and complete overview of a certain procedure.
  • When searching for a document, files that have been published on ManualMaster as well as the files from Vilans will be visible. Just click and the ManualMaster document or the correct page of the Vilans platform will open.

If your organization works with Vilans Protocols and you are interested in this connection, please contact your account manager or e-mail us at There are no costs associated with the link and, much of it is pre-programmed. The connection to Vilans is relatively easy to implement. We are more than happy to tell you more!

If you are not active in the healthcare sector in the Netherlands, but your industry also deals with documentation provided by external organizations, please contact us as well. If the documentation is generally applicable in your sector and contains universal information that would be a great addition to your existing ManualMaster system, we would be happy to explore what options are available to link this information with our software.

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