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Next Stop: Our 100th Anniversary!

Today ManualMaster is celebrating its 30th anniversary. We have a long way to go, en route to our Royal status, but that is what makes it so fascinating, that is why we enjoy it so much. We are on a never-ending journey to an unknown destination. We are happy with the travel companions that we have met en route, whether they are colleagues, customers or contacts that are closely involved in what we do. Many of them have been on this journey with us for many years already. Thank you!

manualmaster 30 jaar

Whereas we started out thirty years ago automating the management of mostly printed manuals, the enormous development that information technology has since undergone has changed our perspective and outlook. Over the years, ManualMaster has developed into software that can be used for visualising, facilitating and improving business operations. Risk management, Q-Learning (learning from your quality system) and WebForms – forms that are easy to create and route through your organisation – all provide a broad basis for transparent business operations. Ensuring users have access to their own relevant information when they need it. You can do all this and more with ManualMaster, something we are rightfully proud of.

But there is still plenty more to do and develop in terms of supply chain management, enabling users to set up portals for their customers and/or suppliers, or text technology and the intelligent use of data, as well as all the improvements that we still want to make. Retirement? One day perhaps, if we live to be a hundred.

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