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The Green Bonus and Online Services

We have been inspired. In 2022, Eline and Gitte, Business Innovation interns from Avans Hogeschool in Den Bosch, conducted research into how we can give our business operations a sustainable boost. They have planted the seeds for the Green Bonus as a thank you for taking online consultancy days. The bonus was a great success in 2022, and we can assure you it pays off to take your consults online in 2023 as well!

Why Online?

While sustainability is important, personal customer contact remains at the core of ManualMaster. During these valuable contact moments, our consultants work together with you to improve your system. Sometimes, this is easier face-to-face, but more often than not the consultant works on your project independently. Without the need for you to be there the entire time.

This is why we don’t just offer on-site consults but also online. Just as efficient and better for the environment, the Dutch and Flemish road network, the private lives of our consultants, and no travel costs for you.

How Does It Work?

When at least 2/3 of your consultancy days take place online, you qualify for the Green Bonus. This bonus is part of the annual “oliebollen” (Dutch new year’s pastry) action and will be different every year.

In 2022, you could win half a day of online consultancy and a Pachira houseplant. These plants have now taken on an even greater role at ManualMaster: every new customer will receive one. A green handshake for a sustainable collaboration. And it even improves the air quality in your office!

Schedule your online consults by sending an email to Of course, you can also change live consults into online meetings through this medium. Together, we are working towards a sustainable future!

You won’t find Pachira trees at our office, but perhaps you can draw inspiration from our accents of green:

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