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How Het Waterlaboratorium got a better grip on quality management

Loose paper prints, documents scattered around the laboratory and strict ISO requirements. There was a desperate need for an update of the quality management system used by Het Waterlaboratorium.

Quality Manager Paulien de Bruine-Mulder wanted more control over the digital workflow for the complaints system, and good document management. To achieve this, Het Waterlaboratorium chose ManualMaster in 2016. ‘The quality management software provides structure and an overview as well as efficiency, traceability and assurance of documents and web forms’, explains Paulien in ‘Standard Application Meets All Our Quality Requirements’ in LabInsight magazine. 

High Quality Requirements

The quality requirements imposed on laboratories are high. Laboratory research results can have major consequences for the decisions that will be based on them. Risks, Documents, Processes, Audits, Complaints, Incidents, Deviations, and Standards Management play an important role in the quality management of laboratories.

Good quality management offers transparency, traceability, uniformity, and attention to risks. A risk management system is a requirement for all organizations certified according to ISO 17025 quality control and testing laboratories. The system must ensure that laboratories identify risks and plan responses in a timely manner. This way, risks can be transformed into opportunities for successful development of the laboratory.

Version Management and Workflows

With ManualMaster’s Document Management, Het Waterlaboratorium records its processes and documents. It ensures version control, approval of workflows (supported with notifications and emails), and an automatic revision alert.
Paulien: “Moreover, it is easy to confirm that employees have ‘read and understood’ a document, and the status on the document will confirm this action.” During the LabSafety trade fair, Paulien once again expressed her satisfaction with our quality software to a wide audience.

Read the whole article about Paulien’s approach to quality management in Het Waterlaboratorium and her experience with ManualMaster (Dutch).

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