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Magical Congress for the World of Quality Management

A new release with all kinds of new functionalities, a new name for our application, a new logo, users who show each other how they are getting more out of their quality systems, illusionists who show how you consciously deal with change and move forward together. Together with 180 professionals from the quality world, we once again experienced a magical Congress in 2023.

Watch the aftermovie of this magical day here!

Due to the unexpected amount of interest, we also changed locations from Theater Peeriscoop to Schouwburg Kunstmin in Dordrecht this year. Was it easy to leave the beautiful fortified city of Gorinchem behind us after 6 years? Most certainly not. But the positive reactions from the visitors, as well as the fantastic atmosphere in the theater, made up for a lot! Something also tells us that 2022 was not the last time that Theater Peeriscoop in Gorinchem was visited by ManualMaster ;).

Trevally simplifies and pleases
Fred Vahlkamp revealed the new name of our latest software package in Kunstmin: Trevally, software by ManualMaster. A “Bigeye Trevally” is a fish that occurs in tropical waters and often lives in large schools. The individuals in such a school move dynamically, aware of each other’s movements, purposefully and often at great speed through the water. For us, the Trevally symbolizes the change in speed and direction that you should be able to make with a team. The double M of ManualMaster remains dear to us, of course, so what exactly does this name change mean?

New developments require a new name
Johan de Rooij explained why a new name was chosen. ‘The new developments in our Autumn Release are so big that we thought a new name should go with it.’ It contains new and updated functionalities. With the introduction of Trevally, functionality is now also available online. A large group of users can now work in their own fully secure environment, in the online browser of their choice. An installation on a local computer is therefore no longer necessary to edit documents. Less work for the IT department and more convenience for users: win-win!

Moreover, Johan presented the new location management tools. An employee can be given access to the documents that apply to that person, at that time and at that location via a QR code! Very useful for, for example, an operator in combination with a production line or instructions that must be followed very specifically when entering a certain place. “Trevally simplifies and makes the daily support of your work more pleasant,” Johan concludes.

Development never stops
Colleague Hugo Bakker, involved on a daily basis in the development of our software, adds: ‘Trevally is ManualMaster in a completely new guise. We want to be able to do as much as possible online in a browser, so that we can work faster and more intuitively.’
Hugo showed during the Hackathon that the development of our application does not stop here, new functionalities were brought to life by the development team, live at the request of Congress goers. “It gave attendees a glimpse into how we grow Trevally, how we respond to user needs and the choices our development team face every day.”

Dealing with changes
To explain how conscious or unconscious we do our work, illusionists Rob & Emiel entered the Kunstmin stage and this brought a lot of energy into the room. They managed to captivate the audience with illusions, a good amount of humor and a serious message. The duo showed how we fool ourselves in certain situations and tell ourselves that we cannot do something. How the danger of corporate blindness can strike and how we settle into a fixed way of working. To free yourself from this and deal with changes in an organization, a different mindset is needed, in other words, awareness. ‘The question is how much time and energy you are willing to put into it,’ says Rob.

Artificial Intelligence and quality management
One of the things we invest time and energy in is looking to the future. We have been monitoring developments surrounding AI for years. What can AI do for us? And in what way? Johan de Rooij showed BigAI Trevally, a beta version of the module that we hope to launch in April. The application within your document management system is of great value because thousands of documents are simultaneously scanned by BigAI Trevally and classified according to logic that is already known about documents within your system. Classifying and importing documents becomes quick and easy. Useful for adding documents to an existing system, but also for building a completely new system. BigAI suggests where a document belongs and presents its findings to the user. ‘Ohhhhhh, that’s useful, that’s nice. “I can do something with that,” said the audience.

A quality system is never finished
The appreciation for our software can also be seen from the willingness of our relations to tell the Congress what they think of the application, how they manage it, how they have set up their systems, what the pitfalls are during implementation and which benefits it brings to organizations. During breakout sessions, Congress participants were updated on these matters by their peers.

One of the users who has been working with ManualMaster’s software for some time is Hubert van Dongen, Quality Manager at animal feed manufacturer AgruniekRijnvallei based in Wageningen. Hubert told his audience what challenges he faced during the implementation, which aspects were successful and what went less well, and the importance of bringing awareness to the organization.

‘Remember that a quality system is never finished. Also because so much is about to happen in the quality world and is therefore coming our way,” says Hubert. ‘Consider the CO2 footprint and new standards, but it can also involve keeping track of employees’ commuting traffic.’

Include employees in the development of the QMS
Hubert listed some strategies that can initiate the successful implementation of a QMS. Creating awareness among users is the most important, he believes. ‘Show employees the benefits of the system and involve them in its construction. Also involve them in creating web forms. If you explain it well, everyone will benefit from it immensely.’

As one of the major advantages of our software, Hubert mentions the possibility to configure the system according to your own taste, wishes and insights. ‘Take time to plan and take plenty of time to build on it and involve employees in the development. Make your system as practical as possible for the user.’

More possible with ManualMaster than was thought
“All valuable tips,” says Celine van der Haar of Pandriks Bake Off based in Meppel, manufacturer of bakery products. She is in the middle of the implementation process of ManualMaster. The way the Congress is organized really appeals to her. ‘Informative and informal. It’s good that there is room to ask questions. I have noted down many things that make me think: is this all possible? More is possible than I thought. The way in which knowledge is shared by customers here is a good approach. The information will then reach you differently.’

Celine says that the implementation of the QMS is going well and that she can use the tips from AgruniekRijnvallei. Her tip for our next Congress is: ‘Divide the Congress and the speakers you can attend according to different sectors. ‘As healthcare workers, for example, you simply don’t have much use for animal feed.’

Going home with plenty of new ideas
Sander Dijkstra and Diana de Bie from Jan Bakker Transport from Hattemerbroek are also in the middle of the implementation process of their quality system and experience the Congress as educational. Diana: ‘The program makes you think and you are informed of the latest developments.’ Both attended Hubert’s breakout session. He gave them new ideas. Sander: ‘Especially when it comes to informing your employees, telling them what you are doing. We may have done too little of that so far.’

Trevally is more approachable, fast, and clean in design
Jean Blom, Quality Manager at Medace BV, active in the field of research and product developments for the biomedical industry, shares his view of Trevally: ‘There is an open and relaxed atmosphere at this Congress. The presentation of the new release is nicely done. Lots of insight into what is possible. I’ve seen previous versions and am happy that certain aspects run much more smoothly now.

It is good to see that the editing environment as shown in Trevally is more approachable, uncomplicated, fast and clean in terms of layout and design. You are not overwhelmed. And that is what it is all about, that the people who manage the information can also work with the system.

AI is a tricky subject?
He calls the AI ​​development for quality management a ‘tricky’ subject. ‘AI can help, but you have to be careful not to spend too much time correcting what is published in a large volume. There is certainly potential in AI, but for me the time has not yet come to do something with it.’
Jean also attended a breakout session and qualifies it as a ‘valuable experience’.

Academy students in the spotlight
Our Congress would not be our Congress without shining a spotlight on people who have made a contribution to the field of QM. For this purpose, Martine Kluver – she is responsible for the ins and outs of our Academy – put three students in the spotlight. They managed to distinguish themselves, not by scoring the highest grades, but by making the biggest leap forward in credits and thus gaining knowledge in the ManualMaster Academy.

Will you be on the Congress stage next year?

In short: we as an organization also believe that we have made a big leap forward with our Congress 23. On to the next edition, new knowledge and new quality insights.

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