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Healthcare Sector Updated on Engagement in a Quality Management System

On September 28, 2023, we engaged in a conversation with around forty enthusiastic ManualMaster users from the healthcare and related sectors during the Quality Event in the beautiful Kasteel Woerden. Topics such as implementation, behavior change, and practical considerations regarding the use of software in risk management were discussed. Visitors were also taken through the story of Ambulancezorg Limburg and the challenges they overcame when merging two quality management systems.

Watch the aftermovie of the afternoon on the right or dive straight into more details about the sessions, experiences, and shared knowledge during the event.

Kwaliteitsmanagement in de praktijk

Vicky Lamers and Lucia Snel, as Quality and Safety advisors, faced a significant challenge when AmbulanceZorg Limburg-Noord and the ambulance service of the GGD Zuid merged. The quality systems of both healthcare organizations had to be merged into a single system to form Ambulancezorg Limburg. The quality advisors explained in detail how this project unfolded and ultimately succeeded. They also discussed how their QMS, with the help of ManualMaster, continues to help deliver proper care at the right time and place.

Resistance and happy faces

To introduce the application to users, Lucia and Vicky organized an implementation tour to 16 locations of the organization. Lucia mentioned, “The organization suddenly had to work with a completely new system. This generated resistance and surprised expressions, but fortunately also many happy faces.”

Lucia and Vicky traveled from north to south Limburg and from east to west to familiarize all employees with ManualMaster. Q&A sessions were organized everywhere, and separate knowledge sessions were set up for management departments.

The results were noticeable. The incident report forms created with ManualMaster at Ambulancezorg Limburg perform exceptionally well, according to safety and quality guardians Lucia and Vicky. Vicky: “We receive more reports than expected, and using these reports, we generate improvement proposals. Anyone with a complaint can submit it through our website. The report is processed directly with ManualMaster. The reporter receives a message confirming the receival, our intention to address it, and that we will contact them.”

Turning Risks into Opportunities

During his presentation, account manager Ronald de Bruijne extensively discussed how to foster user engagement with a QMS. He provided answers to questions such as why organizations establish quality systems, why they do it the way they do, and how to manage risks and turn them into opportunities. According to Ronald, focusing more on “Why do we have a QMS?” and answering it with aspects such as ensuring quality of life, patient/client safety, transparency, and continuous improvement already leads to increased employee engagement.

Working Faster and More Efficiently with the New Web Version

During our event in Woerden, Sales Manager Johan de Rooij updated the healthcare sector on the latest developments in ManualMaster. A significant change is that ManualMaster increasingly offers online functionality. Users can now access the system directly via the internet without the need for additional software or workarounds.

Johan explained, “Documents in ManualMaster can now be edited and formatted without the need for Word or other applications, can undergo spell checks, reference other documents, and be imported and exported from and to the online environment. You can see who made changes to a document and what, as well as when it happened. Tasks in Excel can also be done with our web version. Designing processes with flowcharts and linking documents can all be done more easily and quickly in the online environment. Meanwhile, we will continue to support the desktop client.”

Additionally, after a delicious castle lunch, Johan shared a series of useful tips for MS Office integration, which allows for faster and more efficient work with the application. Attendees eagerly took notes of the 15 practical points and made use of the opportunity to ask questions.

A Look Behind the Scenes

“Very interesting information,” said Carla van Staveren from NoordWest Ziekenhuisgroep after the Healthcare Event. “In general, quality events for the healthcare sector aren’t organized frequently. However, the meetings organized by ManualMaster are always creative and hosted in nice locations. For me, it’s important to meet other people from the quality field of work and ManualMaster users with whom I can exchange information. I just made an appointment to take a peek into a colleague’s system.”

Aan de slag met het instellen van een gastaccount 

Bianca de Jong en Tineke Hamerslag van het Regionaal Laboratorium Medische Microbiologie Dordrecht spreken van een leerzaam event. ‘Het heeft ons bruikbare tips opgeleverd. Het is ook goed om te horen en te zien wat de innovaties in ManualMaster zijn. We gaan aan de slag met het instellen van een gastaccount. Dat zou ons heel wat werk schelen omdat we zelf niet meer allerlei documenten hoeven te mailen. We gaan ook zeker kijken naar wat onze collega’s eigenlijk vinden van ons kwaliteitssysteem en waar het beter kan.’ 

Bij ManualMaster zien wij kennisdeling als een cruciaal onderdeel van succesvol kwaliteitsmanagement. Heeft u vragen of ideeën naar aanleiding van dit event, of denkt u zelf graag mee over een kennisdelingsevent voor uw sector? Laat het ons weten via 

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