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ManualMaster and CSR

A crucial part of providing high-quality services is taking responsibility. Responsibility for the well-being of everyone involved with ManualMaster, for our role in society, and for our place on the planet. Therefore, we are happy to walk you through the steps we take to achieve a high level of corporate social responsibility. This way you know exactly what to expect from us and our services.

For example, we have worked with two interns Business Innovation of Avans Hogeschool for the first half of 2022. They conducted a study about our current sustainability status and room for improvement. Their results, combined with our conclusions about hybrid workforms during covid, have led to new insights which we will be working on in the months to come. For example, we will continue hybrid consults with our users.

Additionally, we work together with different organizations:

De Bank van Noppes, an inspiring and socially involved location in the heart of Gorinchem, where people come together to meet, work, discuss, cook, live and connect.
De Kleine Wereld, a school for people with learning difficulties aged 4 to 20. This initiative helps students get directly involved with the daily flow of society.
Drukkerij De Hoop, part of the mental health organization De Hoop. De Hoop helps people on their way to a new life. Sustainability is an important part of their business operations, which becomes evident with their use of  FSC®-certified plant-based ink.

We share our passion for sustainability with these organizations, but also with our professional relations and users. Events like the Quality PopUp and the regular Co-Lab sessions gives us a chance to look into the lessons from the past, chances of the moment, and goals of the future together with our relations.

Finally, we work with a diverse group of coworkers. If you all look alike and your noses are pointing in one direction, you can’t see what’s happening behind you.

Read more about the steps we take in Corporate Social Responsibility.

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