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ManualMaster Trevally Spring Release Events: “Learn from Each Other”

In May, we introduced our users to the latest version of ManualMaster Trevally during the Spring Release Events at three locations in the Netherlands (and one in Belgium!).

In addition to providing information about the software, the events also aimed to connect customers to share knowledge. Quality managers Erwin Beerens (Star-shl), Jet Allemekinders (HAK), Ingrid Budding (Land van Home), and Ruben Boogaard (Hollander Barendrecht/The Greenery) showcased how they manage quality and use Trevally in their organizations during the Spring Release Event in Haaren.

New Functionalities and Capabilities

To kick off the events, Johan de Rooij from ManualMaster demonstrated that the spring update of Trevally offers numerous new features and functionalities. “Our development team, which includes our customers, listens closely to the trends in the quality management world and among our users. Based on their input, wishes, and ideas, Trevally continues to evolve, and we release a new version twice a year.”

Drawing Online Flowcharts and Adding Locations

Johan began his presentation with some functional innovations added to ManualMaster Trevally late last year.

  • The shift to online has been made – this means faster system operation.
  • Working with MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Visio remains supported.
  • Search functions have been expanded.
  • Document previews have been added – speeding up navigation through the document structure.
  • Flowcharts can now be drawn online – similar to what MS Visio offers but simpler and more applicable without a Visio license.
  • Working with subversions – these follow a shortened flow, useful for minor changes.
  • Comparing new and old versions for changes.
  • Locations have been added – documents with instructions and processes can now be linked to a country, branch, warehouse, or workplace.
  • Use of QR codes – they direct smartphones and tablets to the necessary information on the work floor.

Password Policy and Q-Learning

Johan then showcased the functionalities of the Spring Release, including:

  • Password policy – made stricter for security reasons.
  • Adjustments to roles of system manager, supervisor, editor – who gets which rights?
  • Managing folders has moved online, making the application of rights, tags, standards, and other properties simpler and more transparent.
  • Layout and Templates – easily create, modify, and save document, email, certificate, and form templates online.
  • Online document editing – enhanced with metadata scanning and hyperlinks. Searching in two different databases/manuals.
  • Q-Learning adjustments – improved mobile display, showing scores, and determining the number of allowed attempts.
  • All these new functionalities make editing, supplementing, and authorizing documents easier, resulting in faster and more organized work.

Artificial Intelligence High on the Agenda

Developments around AI are closely followed and are high on Trevally’s agenda. Johan: “Our software is becoming intelligent, or self-learning. A prototype is currently being tested with customers.” The AI import function allows large amounts of documents to be imported into the quality management system quickly and sorted into folders. The AI assistant suggests where documents should be stored.

Integration of Trevally and Certifeye

Since the Spring Release, Trevally also includes a link with Certifeye, ManualMaster’s sister company. This online platform enables companies to manage their certificates and other periodically valid quality documents and compile questionnaires for their suppliers.

Johan: “We are heading towards integrating both applications. If you use Trevally, you can place a Certifeye tile on the dashboard, showing Certifeye to-dos. For example, how many documents submitted by suppliers are awaiting your authorization.” Through this tile, you are immediately logged into your Certifeye environment to see the outstanding tasks and take action.

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Effective Reporting Process

The day ended with four presentations from experienced ManualMaster users. Erwin Beerens from Star-shl showcased reports made with ManualMaster Trevally. Jet Allemekinders from HAK inspired visitors with an extensive dashboard referencing processes and web forms for reporting unsafe situations, complaints, and visitors.

New and Useful Quality Management Insights

The methods of the quality managers provided event visitors with new and useful insights. Evie Raymakers, a quality employee at Bakker Goedhart, said: “It’s interesting to see how other companies approach QM. It doesn’t matter what sector you work in; you learn from each other here. I’m going home feeling: I can move forward.”

Knowledge sharing also took place at the lunch table during the Spring Release Event. While enjoying a delicious lunch provided by Roots, the inspiring Haarense meeting and training center, visitors made contacts and exchanged ideas and suggestions.

With the Spring Release events behind us, we are already looking forward to the ManualMaster Congress ’24: Oei, ik groei! At this annual, Dutch spoken, event, we will tell you all about the latest Autumn Release.

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