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Supply Chain Management

We are organising a new Co-lab

Our current focus is on the significant number of developments taking place at the point connecting the supplier-customer. A few years ago, we set up our sister entity Certifeye. Certifeye specialises in requesting documents from suppliers, such as certificates, questionnaires for assessing a supplier, contract agreements, etc. Certifeye is a platform, which means that it has a different approach than ManualMaster. The basic idea behind this functionality is: “If everyone does their own work, then there is very little extra work to be done.”

This idea is easy to explain: it is comparable to LinkedIn. When you connect with someone, you have the best maintained address book you can imagine. After all, everyone keeps track of their progress themselves. If you want to contact someone after ten years, you can just search on LinkedIn and immediately see their most recent status, even if they have changed jobs three times in the meantime. This is the same thinking underlying Certifeye. A company registers its own data on the platform and indicates which connections may view the data. A new certificate? All your connected customers are informed directly and automatically and do not need to phone or e-mail to find out where a document is.

We suspected in advance that the paths of sister companies ManualMaster and Certifeye would eventually cross. Nevertheless, because of the different approach and deliberate choice of focus, we first wanted to see whether Certifeye could grow independently. This is now the case. Certifeye has become indispensable in the flower, plant and food markets. By also connecting certification institutes into the platform, the circle is complete. This creates, with very little work, full insight into the quality, environment, sustainability and social conditions of the entire supply chain. The latest functionality realised is ‘public API’. This allows data to be imported into an organisation’s database (ERP).

It is now time for integration. We see a significant number of developments taking place at the point connecting the supplier and the customer. These include batch certification and/or laboratory results. It must be possible to correlate such results with requirements. But these can vary from one customer, country or industry to another. In essence, this is exactly what Certifeye does and can do. At the same time, we see an increasing need to integrate the ManualMaster dashboard. In this way, the entire quality management system can be made transparent at a glance. All open actions, desired follow-up, etc. are immediately available. No more worrying about multiple applications, but instead the integrated use of the strength of a platform within the ManualMaster application.

We are happy to support this development by organising a new Co-lab. In a Co-lab, a maximum of 12 participants are welcome to brainstorm about new developments in our software. The current Co-labs have proven to be highly instructive for all participants, including ourselves. Are you involved in requesting certificates, sending out questionnaires to assess your suppliers, assessing lab results, receiving or issuing batch certificates, and are you interested in providing input and thereby exerting influence? You are welcome to attend the first Co-lab in this field on 22 April 2021.

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