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KAM coördinator Wim Nijkamp: 'The ManualMaster WebForms are fast and easy to use. A fantastic product!'

Reginox manufactures sinks and countertops for kitchens. The company aims to ensure that its products and processes meet the highest possible standards. The organisation works continually to evaluate, adjust and improve its products, processes and customer satisfaction. To achieve this, it uses a Total Quality Management System in compliance with NEN-EN ISO 9001. At Reginox, sustainability is an absolute priority. The company satisfies the strict FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification requirements, thereby guaranteeing the sustainable production of the wood used in its products. With its strong focus on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and corresponding certification, Reginox shows that it takes working conditions, the environment and social commitment seriously.

Cataloguing and resolving complaints with WebForms

Reginox manages its processes, procedures, work instructions, forms and certificates using ManualMaster. Wim Nijkamp, QHSE-manager at Reginox, explains, “ManualMaster helps us keep our documents up to date. In the past, making changes to paper manuals was extremely time-consuming. Happily, that hassle is now behind us. All information is now kept up to date with ManualMaster and immediately available to everyone. Every department can access the information that is relevant to them.”

The Reginox dashboard: the starting portal for users of the quality system.

Thanks to the ManualMaster WebForms module, which can be used to create smart web forms, Reginox can manage its various work processes, such as customer complaint registration. WebForms makes sure that everyone involved in a complaint is provided with the external complaint forms in order to be informed about all the details. Wim continues, “The web forms are fast and easy to use. A fantastic product! We can also carry out an advanced search with the forms to easily locate and analyse problems.”

The form used by Reginox employees to register process deviations.

“WebForms was why we choose ManualMaster. We wanted to have a clear overview and insight into manuals and an easy way to organise external complaint registration. The way in which ManualMaster is structured, the accessibility and user-friendliness of the system and the possibilities offered by the web forms made it easy for us to choose ManualMaster.”

The complaint form is not the only form used by Reginox to monitor the quality of its products and services. There are also forms for process improvement measures, incident registration, deviation registration, audit forms, a form for designing new products and a form for product changes.

Process diagrams show when action is required and by whom

Reginox also uses ManualMaster to create process diagrams. These offer employees an immediate and clear overview of the actions required of them when a complaint is registered. Wim explains, “These diagrams are in turn linked to additional forms, so that online notifications can be sent to all those involved in the organisation. This way, everyone knows where and when action is required.”

The process diagrams tell users what exactly is expected of them.

“WebForms is fast and easy to use, lets you inform the relevant individuals and retrieve valuable data. You can then use that information for reports or analyses of where things have gone wrong.”


The reporting tool in ManualMaster makes it possible to visualise the data collected using web forms in real time and in user-friendly tables and graphs. This provides users with a direct overview of, for example, actions that still need to be taken, documents that need to be revised and notifications that have been sent. The reports can also be exported to a PDF, CSV or MS Word file for internal or external sharing.

WebForm used to prepare Reginox reports.

Risk assessments and evaluations with ManualMaster

The ManualMaster risk management module gives Reginox employees an overview at a single glance of the dangers and risks involved in the various processes. The company has also assessed all risks of every production machine. Wim explains, “We used to carry out our risks assessments and analyses using Excel sheets, but can now do this with ManualMaster. The risk management module shows us which risks must be considered and possible causes of, for example, a malfunction or short circuit.”

WebForm with a risk overview of each machine.

“Our risk overviews are linked to process steps and provide us with a good idea about concerns, activities, risks and what needs to be done – all at a single glance. Our auditors are very pleased with this. They know that, in terms of requirements, standards and regulations, we have everything in order and often do not need to look any further than what ManualMaster displays. Thanks to the risk management module, we can act safely, quickly, accurately and up to date.”

Graphic display of a risk.

In the near future, the QHSE-manager would like to use the risk management module to identify risks associated with daily activities. Together with the WebForms module and risk management functionality, the complete Plan Do Check Act cycle can be carried out. The identified risks can be monitored for effectiveness by auditors and external parties (such as the occupational health and safety service) using audit forms created by Reginox.

Support and implementation

According to Wim, all Reginox employees working with the smart web forms created using WebForms to the company’s satisfaction. Newcomers are familiarised with the system during a morning session. “The user-friendliness means that ManualMaster can be mastered within no time. Internal and external auditors can find the information they need in a flash.”

It took a while before all Reginox employees began using the system on a daily basis. Wim explains, “We had to overcome a bit of resistance first.” To get everyone to use the web forms, the MT aligned itself with QHSE-manager. “That made a tremendous difference. We made clear that if you don’t fill out a form or submit an improvement measure using a form, no action will be taken. There’s no harm in putting a bit of pressure on people. Once you show that ManualMaster makes it possible to register everything neatly and efficiently and that all forms and documents are easy to find, you create more awareness. And that has benefited the entire organisation.”


“My greatest challenge in terms of quality management is to expand ManualMaster further in coming years. We are currently using only a fraction of the possibilities it offers. And when you see all that this system can do… it gives you goose bumps! Personally, I’m a huge fan. ManualMaster makes quality management easy, well-organised and visually appealing.”

“As an organisation, ManualMaster is enjoyable to work with. The staff is always available to help if something happens unexpectedly or if you have questions. Consultant Barbara de Ruiter has been fantastic. She’s become a real friend. Just remember to schedule an appointment because they can get quite busy in Papendrecht.”

According to Wim Nijkamp, the success of ManualMaster depends entirely on the willingness of colleagues to actually use the system for all its worth. Wim concludes, “You can’t do it alone as a manager. You need the support of the operations managers and the management team. Make sure you have their support and tell them: ‘This is what we want and what we’re going to do. Period’.“
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By Ad Killian
In partnership with Ronald de Bruijne / ManualMaster

About Reginox

Main activity Manufacturer of kitchen sinks and countertops
Using ManualMaster since  2011
Uses Document management – WebForms – Risk management
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