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Richard Tax

I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that!

Yes, many of us know Pippi Longstocking and her motto is mine.

I can call myself a travel companion since 2007. I went away for four months in 2011, but the grass turned out not to be greener on the other side. I started as a consultant and trainer in a world that was very different from what it is today. No is not an answer to me, and I always want to keep moving forward. Every visit or peek in the kitchen teaches me new things.

Apart from regular implementations, I enjoy creating the registrations and reports in the best and most beautiful way I can! After all, if it’s in the database, it can be taken out of it. I like to consider myself an IT nerd with typical human qualities in both communication and entrepreneurial areas.

Privately, I am addicted. To DIY, woodworking and Lego. Whereas I build digitally during working hours, privately I do this mostly physically. Creativity is paramount in both worlds. With an old house that always needs attention, a woodworking workshop and a Lego attic, there is plenty of challenge on a physical level.

In a nutshell: challenge me digitally, because the only consistent thing is that change is permanent 🙂

My specialisations

  • Project management
  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Registration without fuss and with results
  • Data analysis; playing with data for the best and most beautiful reports
  • Chronically l’efficient; that stands for lazy and efficient with the aim of getting the best out of your system and end users without unnecessary hassle.
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