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Wholesale Company B&S Group Enhances Quality with ManualMaster Trevally

The global buying and selling of thousands of products presents significant challenges for B&S Group. To manage distribution to parties such as ship suppliers, cruise lines, airports, and UN peacekeepers, the trading company uses the document management system ManualMaster Trevally. “The system only brings me job satisfaction. For us as a department, Trevally is a huge step forward,” says QHSE Manager Max Geeratz.

QMS Software Streamlines Enormous Goods Flow

The massive flow of goods, ISO standards, the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), and customers monitoring food safety meant that B&S needed a new system; folders and binders were no longer sufficient. They sought a system that could manage ISO matters, permits, and certificates, and where standards, manuals, and processes could be stored with version control. B&S decided on ManualMaster Trevally.

Overview and Simplicity

Max explains why: “By creating so-called spaces per chapter of the manuals with the application, everyone can quickly find their information. What appeals to me about the system is its simplicity and clarity. It’s affordable and it communicates with everything you have in-house. Whether it’s Word, Excel, or anything else, you can just drag it in. And if something needs to be changed, all documents are updated simultaneously. In terms of use and maintenance, Trevally is a solution. We’ve never experienced the system not working. I am very satisfied with it. The beauty of Trevally is also that you have an immediate overview of the different versions and always have the current document at hand. The documents are very well managed.”

Max Geeratz

Max Geeratz

About B&S Group

 Primary business Wholesale and Distribution
 Uses Trevally since 2022
 Uses Trevally for Documentmanagement

Max behind the B&S Group dashboard

Adjusting and Validating Processes

“Colleagues need to discover the possibilities of Trevally. We want to move towards having our own editors for different departments such as logistics, facilities, and HRM. They should be able to adjust their own processes when they need revision and validate them to the latest version.
The process of revision, authorization, and validation runs smoothly for us. Documents that need periodic updates are flagged with a reminder. They automatically land with the involved colleagues.”

Trevally Saves a Lot of Time and Irritation

B&S employees make extensive use of the document system. Max: “Email traffic has significantly decreased. We used to be overwhelmed with questions about where to find information, but since Trevally, people have become much more adept at finding the information they need on their own. We now work more efficiently. The power of repetition: continuously reminding people where to find things contributes to the intensity of use.”

Role of AI in Quality Management

The QA department of B&S Group uses AI for document compilation and translation work. They also use it to create training sessions on ISO topics such as environment and safety for warehouse staff.
Max: “It’s a useful tool. We are currently looking for entities that need to be ISO certified. Everything needs to be translated from Dutch to English. Instead of creating an entirely new manual, you could extract all the information you need at once.”

Considering Application Efficiency

“With the quality improvement we are making, we are in phase 1 and ready for phase 2. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but within the next three years, we should reach the ‘mature’ phase. This means that the system is found without the help of me or my colleague Sjoerd Aarts and that users think about the application possibilities, what they want to change, and what can be made more efficient.

Distribution Center B&S Group

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