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2.17 release functionalities

Last week we released ManualMaster version 2.17. It is mainly a technical update with  improvements behind the scenes. Therefore, our manager of development Hugo Bakker will walk us through the changes that you might have missed or haven’t implemented yet since the previous release. The highlights: Compiled documents, Risk management and Q-Learning modules.

Compiled documents

ManualMaster users frequently requested this option, for example for compiling work instructions containing steps that are already covered or repeated in various other documents. “We took these requests seriously and wanted to design a new system specifically for this functionality,” says Hugo. “In the end we returned to the basics; the system we needed could already be found within functions ‘Master data’ and ‘Merge documents’. Based on these features, you can now embed documents in yet other documents. Then, changes in the source document will be implemented globally and compiled documents will be updated. This offers numerous new possibilities in quality and document management.


ManualMaster Q-Learning provides numerous options for training, educating and onboarding employees. “The real work here lies in ensuring ultimate clarity for employees”, says Hugo. The ‘Read & Understand’ option allows you to direct information to the right people in a structured way, and then register the fact that it has actually been presented and understood. It’s not only text or PDF that can be registered via Q-Learning: videos and face-to-face conversations can also be tracked. Hugo mentions the expanded role and value of ManualMaster: “This way our software becomes a home base for all quality management, surpassing a document management function.”

2.17 update expands on existing Q-Learning possibilities. The new framework simplifies adding new modules in the future and, as technology develops, tailor them more and more your organization needs.

Risk management

Finally, ManualMaster Starling 2.16 introduced various quality of life improvements for risk management. “From the production line to the office spaces – quality department contributes to the safety of employees in all layers of an organization; this feature makes it easier to monitor risks and enhance measures”. Now the discussed risks and taken measures can be temporarily saved before they will be shared with the organization. You can, for example,  brainstorm or consult a colleague and keep drafts and notes before getting back to them, finalizing and sharing the access.

Would you like to learn more about these functionalities or have your questions answered? We will be happy to help you. Please contact your account manager or our support desk at

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