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Mediocre Art at ManualMaster

Every month, the ManualMaster team comes together to get everyone on the same page. A day filled with meetings, presentations, and friendly coffee chats. However, this month, our focus shifted in a new direction: we were captivated by the world of AI-driven Mediocre Art (Matige Kunst). David Kluver and Bas Keizer took us on a journey into the realm of image generation using AI. We dove headfirst into experimenting, learning, and creating.

It’s a pressing issue in every organization: how do you deal with the increasingly accessible AI tools that are often already in used privately by colleagues? Addressing this question begins with acquiring all the necessary knowledge on the subject. What can it do? What is permissible in terms of data security, and how can you achieve the desired results?

During this session, the gentlemen from Mediocre Art shared their expertise on image generation and demonstrated tools like Midjourney to familiarize the participants with the potential of these technologies. All of this led up to the highlight of the day: getting hands-on experience!

The ManualMaster team was divided into groups with the task of brainstorming a creative prompt on paper. All these ideas were then developed using Midjourney. Step by step, the creations took shape, and everyone eagerly observed the work of the other teams. Some took a practical approach with the ManualMaster logo, while others approached the task at hand differently. A dragon in a floating nest with an umbrella in the rain, initially with a somewhat gloomy expression, came to life that day.

Does this mean that we at ManualMaster are switching to AI? With the personalized approach we consider essential in our operations, you will still be dealing with real people behind the keyboard for a long time to come. However, we are certainly exploring the possibilities of AI behind the scenes of our software. Image recognition, among other things, can be of great value in quality management. In what way? Keep an eye on our updates and attend our events, and you will discover it for yourself!

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