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16 December 2022

Imperfect choices – when “good enough” actually turns out to be not good enough

On a hot day in November, I sit quietly with my morning coffee at a nice store in Workum, which is run  by a man from Argentina who enthusiastically explain all about his beans and roasting. It's my three days off in one of the eleven Frisian cities during which I explicitly don't read work mail.
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16 September 2022

Help the Fish get out of that Tree!

The quotes of great thinkers, researchers and successful business people are often twisted to fit better on a tile. In this article, however, nothing could be further from the truth. In his book "Out of My Later Years", Einstein describes the immense importance of creativity and freedom, and the harmful effects that processes based solely on efficiency have on functioning on humans. Think of schools where too much emphasis is placed on performance instead of development.
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22 July 2022

ManualMaster and CSR

A crucial part of providing high-quality services is taking responsibility. Responsibility for the well-being of everyone involved with ManualMaster, for our role in society, and for our place on the planet. Therefore, we are happy to walk you through the steps we take to achieve a high level of corporate social responsibility.
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Koos van der Meij
21 June 2022

Through Standardization to Innovation in a Supply Chain

During our Quality PopUp 'Ensuring quality in the chain', the focus was on the future. The future of the flower, plant and food industry, but also the future of sustainability, collaboration within supply chains and technological developments that make this possible.
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8 June 2022

How Het Waterlaboratorium got a better grip on quality management

Het Waterlaboratorium wanted to get a better grip on quality management. Quality manager Paulien de Bruine-Mulder was looking for a digital workflow for the complaints system that required good document assurance. She ended up at ManualMaster.
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MasterClass ManuaMaster
18 May 2022

MasterClass Writing Sound Quality Documents – ‘Helped a lot’

'Writing Sound Quality Documents', the first MasterClass of our ManualMaster Academy, was attended by over 50 quality experts. The many reactions are telling and enthusiastic: 'The webinar helped us a lot in removing complicated texts out of our system' and 'Worth doing again'.
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