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13 May 2022

2.17 release functionalities

Last week we released ManualMaster version 2.17. It is mainly a technical update with improvements behind the scenes. Therefore, our manager of development Hugo Bakker will walk us through the changes that you might have missed or haven’t implemented yet since the previous release.
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17 March 2022

The Opportunities Behind the Risks

“Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.” Although these words by Warren Buffett originated in the investment world, it is also extremely relevant for a safe and high-quality business.
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10 February 2022

Next Stop: Our 100th Anniversary!

ManualMaster is celebrating its thirtieth birthday today. On the way to Koninklijk we still have quite a path ahead of us and that is exactly what we like and how we think.
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23 December 2021

ManualMaster Achieves ISO 27001 Certification!

Recently ManualMaster successfully passed the audit for ISO 27001 certification (the globally recognized standard for information security). Obtaining the ISO 27001 certificate is a great achievement, of which we are quite proud.
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15 December 2021

“This Conference Never Ceases to Amaze”

Our first anniversary congress provoked heartwarming reactions from the visitors. The presentations of André Kuipers, Raimon Loman and Mirko Vaars. made an impression. 'Every theme hits the nail on the head. ManualMaster knows how to do that very well.'
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26 October 2021

Think About the Future of Quality Management in Our Co-labs

As a quality professional, do you have ideas about the future of QM? Then join the discussion in one of our C-labs about topics such as Q-Learning, Validation, WebForms, Risk management and Document management.
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