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Document Management ManualMaster Gives QMS Technolution Desired Agility

“The flexibility, manageability, and user-friendliness of ManualMaster are of great added value for our quality management system when it comes to document management,” says Quality Coordinator at Technolution, Alex de Groot Boersma. Together with Quality Manager Erwin de Jong, he is responsible for the quality management of the IT organization, which is involved in energy, mobility, and industrial solutions. The duo manages Technolution’s QMS with various applications. The integration with other tools used for audits and HRM matters runs smoothly.

Since the late 1990s, Technolution had its self-designed quality system. Erwin explains: “At that time, there was little available on the market in terms of QMS. When we wanted to switch to another system because manageability and user-friendliness became an issue, we searched for software companies who had come up with something better. That’s how we discovered ManualMaster.”

Navigatie en procesmodel

Navigation and Process Model

Alex de Groot Boersma

About Technolution

 Main Activity ICT Solutions
 Works with ManualMaster since 2018
 Uses ManualMaster for Document management

Quality Manual, KPIs, and Process Descriptions

Alex adds, “All the agreements we have made within Technolution are in our quality manual which is stored in our IMS (Integrated Management System). It contains many agreements, such as our KPIs and process descriptions. These are reviewed by our quality department so that we can meet all quality requirements. We are certified for 3 ISO standards: quality, information security (ISMS), and the environment. And we comply with the CO-2 performance ladder. The standards we follow are imported into ManualMaster and linked to documents used for audits, among other things.”

Process Description


Process Description

Flexibility of Document Management Provides Agility

The decision to purchase ManualMaster was driven by manageability and user-friendliness, combined with features such as version control and integrations with standards that Technolution must adhere to. Employees who would be using the software underwent the necessary training.

Erwin explains, “We didn’t want to let go of everything from our old system. We already had flowcharts and a certain structure, so we were looking for an environment where we could accommodate that. The flexibility of document management and Visio flows within ManualMaster gave us the agility to build further on top of what we had and give it a new look. We are very satisfied with the tool that has emerged from this.”

Production Process

Insight Into Lessons Learned

Mission, vision, corporate strategy, role functions, organizational structure, and team structures – all Technolution documents are stored in Trevally and shared with colleagues through the application. This includes management processes, production processes, product development, and how the company’s developed software is managed and maintained.

Alex and Erwin also provide documents containing templates that employees can access and consult through a ManualMaster process. Erwin notes, “We use ManualMaster to publish our customer satisfaction results, audit results, and project evaluations, made with other applications, to the organization. This way, everyone has insight into the lessons learned. The hyperlinks in ManualMaster to other applications work seamlessly.”

Organisatiestructuur vormgegeven met ManualMaster

Overview of organizational structure

How the System is Introduced

Are all instructions and documents actually read by users? Erwin mentions, “We have a fairly intensive onboarding project for new employees. A video with practical examples makes it clear to people how the system can be operated. Most colleagues don’t look into the system daily. We are a project organization. Our project managers and leaders must ensure that work agreements are applied and followed, which is tested during audits. They have a better understanding of the quality system.”

Role Profiles, Behavioral Characteristics, and Master Data

The processes described in ManualMaster are designed around role profiles. If a role changes, it is updated as master data throughout the entire system. This also happens when the standards are adjusted.

Erwin elaborates, “The role profiles include standards that someone must meet, but they are also linked to behavioral characteristics. This involves whether someone is communicative, a strategic thinker, or good at collaborating. This, in turn, leads to the job evaluation process through another application we use. Because behavioral characteristics are present in all roles, they are standardized and are also part of the master data. This makes the documents clear and efficient for the 250 employees who use ManualMaster.”

Modular Way of Creating Process Flows

Imagine you had control over ManualMaster for one day, what would you change?

Alex: “ManualMaster is essentially ahead of our desires. In that respect, you have more vision than we do. The world is increasingly moving towards visualizing processes and product descriptions. That’s something to keep an eye on. A modular way of creating process flows would be a nice functionality, making it easier to piece them together and link information more easily.”


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Innovation Project

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Hardware Project

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