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Kober Kinderopvang

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WebForms in ManualMaster Trevally Stimulate Improvement Processes in Childcare Facilities

Marjolein Delleman, policy officer for quality development and assurance at Kober Kinderopvang (Childcare), is very enthusiastic about the advantages and possibilities that ManualMaster Trevally offers. The insights generated by the application provide her with valuable information that allows the organization to immediately respond to trends.

“This allows us to ensure the safety of the children we care for every day, and quickly respond to the wishes and needs of customers and employees. Our internal auditors who work with ManualMaster WebForms are very pleased with the system.”

Kober is a community organization for childcare in the West Brabant region. Spread over 200 locations, 1,400 employees are committed to the care, well-being, and development of babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and schoolchildren. They use the documents and forms managed and created with ManualMaster Trevally on a daily basis.

Documents Quickly and Easily Accessible

The document management system provides the organization with insight and overview of the many quality requirements set by the Innovation and Quality in Childcare Act (IKK). The act includes matters such as the safety of the children, locations, and employees, as well as risk management, group size, the number of employees that can be deployed, the length of their breaks, equipment use, employee screening, and hygiene measures.

“The sky is the limit,” says Marjolein. “With ManualMaster Trevally, our employees can quickly and easily retrieve the documents and forms needed for their work. We make extensive use of synonyms. The many search queries always lead to the desired result with ManualMaster Trevally.”


About Kober

 Main activity Daycare, preschool and out-of-school care
 Works with ManualMaster Trevally since 2017
Uses ManualMaster Trevally for Document management and WebForms

Quality dashboard

Ensuring Documents are Read

To ensure documents are actually read, Kober works with a cycle. Every two months, a list of documents is compiled.

“The list must be discussed during team meetings at the various locations,” explains Marjolein. “We rely on the power of repetition. In this way, we ensure that documents remain top of mind. We especially discuss documents related to risks, safety, and health.”

Quiz Engages Employees with the Quality Manual

“We have created a quiz on various topics. Answers to the questions asked can be found in the manual. Our quality manual also contains forms necessary for carrying out work. All employees thus regularly use the documents.”

Search tiles quality handbook

Onboarding Process

For newcomers, an onboarding process is set up using the intranet with ManualMaster Trevally. This encourages new colleagues to read the information in the manual necessary for performing their roles.

Marjolein: “Yet another direct link to the manual here as well. We attach a read confirmation to the process to ensure the information has been received. If the process is successful, we look at how we can further encourage existing employees to use documents and forms.”

High Reporting Willingness and Valuable Information

ManualMaster Trevally offers Kober more than just documenting and recording quality requirements and work instructions. Together with her colleague Eszter and a Trevally consultant, Marjolein has created forms using the WebForms module for reporting incidents and accidents. This allows Kober to closely and intensively monitor what is happening at their childcare locations.

Marjolein: “The forms are clear and accessible. Previously, employees had to download, fill out, copy, print, save, and send forms to us. That process – including the annual analysis – took about 20 minutes per form. Thanks to ManualMaster, the filled-out forms now reach us with the push of a button in just 5 minutes. This can be done via computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. Count your blessings. The user-friendliness of the forms leads to a high reporting willingness, and the data provides us with valuable information for improvement processes.”

Accident dashboard

Searching in the handbook

Actions Implemented with a Few Mouse Clicks

When accident and incident forms reach the quality department, they are qualified based on calamity, blame, type of accident. Then, actions are implemented with a few mouse clicks.

If a location manager reports a calamity, follow-up questions such as “Was the policy followed and was the regional manager informed?” automatically appear within the form.

No one has problems filling out the forms. Marjolein: “Employees see that it works well and are very happy with it.”

Internal Audits with Time-Saving Form

Kober has also set up its internal audits with ManualMaster Trevally. An efficient form has been built for the auditors. “We also generate trends and valuable information, which we then use to implement improvements in the organization,” says Marjolein. “The internal audits are based on safety and health (our own work instructions) and our ambitions (the Kober course). The first type of audit is seen as a closed ‘conforming’ audit and the latter as an open ‘appreciative’ audit. Our auditors are enthusiastic about the system. At the end of their conversations, they just have to press the button, and their forms are sent directly. Previously, they spent a lot of time creating files and typing out reports.”


Surveying Opinions, Ideas, and Comments Throughout the Year

“We have been able to make a good impression within Kober and advertise well for working with WebForms. There are many more processes and themes that we can still manage with the module. We notice that employees are open to this.”

Kober now conducts a large-scale customer survey once a year to gather complaints, opinions, comments, and ideas. This is done through the website.

Marjolein: “We are exploring how we can continuously gather customer feedback at the locations with Trevally, in order to quickly respond to trends and implement improvements throughout the year.”

Marjolein would like customers to be able to log in directly to share their experiences with the childcare centers. “To generate useful information in a simple way, enabling us to create clear reports. It would also be great if ManualMaster could be integrated with the other systems we work with. But that is very sensitive due to the laws and regulations regarding personal registrations.”

Kober kinderopvang

Building Forms Brings Satisfaction

Putting together the web forms does not pose any problems for Marjolein and her colleague Eszter. “It gives us more satisfaction from our work,” she says. “Setting up the forms and applying the necessary logic is fun to think about and do. It’s a matter of making connections and getting started. If you are a bit quality management minded, you can put together a form in no time.”

An Outline of Wishes and Requirements

Organizations considering the purchase of a quality system are advised by Marjolein to set up a good outline of wishes and requirements in advance.

“That applies to any application. Ask yourself what you want from the system and what it should be able to do. Then see which system best fits your organization. If you choose Trevally, follow the training and work with it a lot. That way, you get to know the application and its possibilities and make things easier for yourself.”

kober kinderopvang
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