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Woonzorgcentrum Rosengaerde

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Woonzorgcentrum Rosengaerde has implemented ManualMaster to bring structure and uniformity to its documents

The center’s previous document management system did not meet the needs of its employees, causing lengthy searches for documents such as protocols and checklists. Moreover, the absence of assigned document owners resulted in poor oversight over revisions, highlighting the need for a change.

“We’ve been able to significantly improve this with Trevally, ManualMaster’s quality management software,” explain policy advisor Marylou Grubben and quality advisor Marieke Postema.

Accessibility and Visual Options

In their search for a new system, Marylou, Marieke, and a project group dedicated significant time and energy to understanding the needs and ideas of their colleagues. “We derived our list of requirements from all the data we collected. We found Trevally’s capabilities, including its accessibility, visual options, and customization potential, perfectly aligned with our needs,” Marieke says. “The system’s user interface also impressed us,” adds Marylou.

Mobile Application for Home Care Workers

The team required a system that could provide:

  • optimal search functionality,
  • mobile compatibility for home care workers,
  • and customizable options based on their preferences.

“It’s crucial for employees at all levels to find and read documents easily, and to navigate the system without difficulty,” Marieke emphasizes.

Medewerker + dashboard (Rosengaerde)

About Rosengaerde

 Main Activity Nursing home care, home care and day care for the elderly
 Works with ManualMaster since 2022
 Uses Trevally for Document management

Dashboard QMS Rosengaerde

A Good QMS Is Never Finished

“A good quality management system is never complete,” Marieke states. “We have enhanced navigation by using recognizable symbols, yet there remains room for further refinement. You never stop developing if you want to establish a good QMS.”

Following a rigorous startup phase, Marieke confirms, “Now, when employees search for a document, they find it quickly. Our users are very satisfied with the system.”

Preference for Icon-based Searching

Marylou paid meticulous attention to the document management system’s layout to ensure accessibility and visual appeal. The icons’ shape, color, design, and font play crucial roles in defining the QMS’s atmosphere, user-friendliness, and accessibility. “We’ve extensively applied icon-based searching after noticing its popularity among specific user groups,” Marylou reveals.

Icons point the way and promote usability

Uniformity in All Documents

Rosengaerde’s implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS) has transformed the management and accessibility of documentation within the care center, resulting in a system that not only supports but enhances the workflows of its staff. Marieke highlights the structural clarity of the QMS, emphasizing the proactive roles of document owners in disseminating and regularly reviewing vital information. This robust engagement ensures that all documents remain current and reflective of the latest operational standards and best practices.

“We’ve streamlined our document inventory significantly,” Marylou elaborates. “Reducing the total from 500 to 300 documents was a major effort aimed at eliminating redundancy and focusing on the essentials. This reduction has made document navigation quicker and more intuitive for our staff.” The center now maintains a curated collection of documents that are critical to the functioning of the facility, ranging from comprehensive policy documents to facility service checklists.

A Separate Button for Vilans Documents

Rosengaerde’s Quality Management System (QMS) is specifically designed to cater to the diverse needs of the care center by incorporating both its own protocols and those of Vilans, a respected knowledge organization for care and support. Recognizing the critical role these protocols play in maintaining high standards of care, the center has strategically integrated Vilans protocols into its existing document management system, facilitated by Trevally.

Marylou explains the thoughtful integration process: “To ensure that our employees always have access to the most up-to-date information, we created a specific section within our QMS dedicated solely to Vilans protocols. We’ve equipped the Trevally system with a dedicated tile on the QMS dashboard that directly links to these vital documents.”

Rosengaerde stands for meaningful care for the elderly in the municipality of Dalfsen.

Working towards a High User Score

Marylou and Marieke actively monitor document usage and evaluate it using Trevally’s management tools, aiming for the highest user scores. “We annually review all documents to improve uniformity and alignment with user needs, keeping protocols concise for better readability,” Marylou states.

Document Management System Rooted in the Organization

Marylou’s remarks underscore the depth of integration that the Quality Management System (QMS) has achieved within Rosengaerde. By employing a variety of tools and methods such as instructional videos and a robust internal messaging portal, the QMS provides continuous support and guidance to all employees, enhancing their understanding and engagement with the system.

Instructional Videos: These videos serve as a key educational resource, designed to walk employees through the various functionalities of the QMS. Each video targets specific features, from basic navigation to more complex tasks like document revision and compliance checks. By visually demonstrating the processes, the videos help to reduce learning curves and encourage self-sufficiency among staff members. “These videos are crafted to ensure that even our newest employees can quickly become competent in using the system, which is vital for maintaining our high standards of care and operational efficiency,” explains Marieke.

Internal Messaging Portal: Rosengaerde’ messaging portal acts as a communication backbone, enabling seamless interactions across different departments and levels of staff. This platform is not just for formal announcements but also supports real-time, informal communication which is essential in a dynamic care environment. “The portal ensures that everyone is just a message away from solving a problem or getting a question answered, which really enhances our collaborative spirit,” Marylou adds.

The integration of the QMS into daily operations has fostered a culture of continuous improvement and accountability.

Navigatie - zorg thuis (Rosengaerde)

Navigate through documents using images.

Next Steps: Working with Web Forms

Looking forward, Rosengaerde plans to expand its QMS with Trevally WebForms, enabling the creation of digital forms and management of various operations. “First, we must ensure our document management and its usage are robust. We aim to avoid overwhelming our colleagues with too much new information and procedures,” Marylou notes. “We’ve already established a solid foundation; next, we’ll explore further steps.”

Learning the System Step by Step

“If I had one day to make decisions at ManualMaster, I’d focus on tailoring the training to better suit participants’ levels. The organization excels in guiding and supporting customers, starting with a thorough pre-project phase that introduces users to the system,” Marieke reflects.

“Starting with ManualMaster means embarking on a supportive journey with their team. They provide excellent support for any questions and are truly collaborative in their approach,” Marylou concludes.

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