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International Cooperation in Progress

Yumasoft based in Wroclaw, Poland, AKRA from Hamburg, Germany and ManualMaster located in Papendrecht, Netherlands are expanding their collaboration. ManualMaster and AKRA are also Yumasoft most satisfied customers since many Years.

From the start of 2021 all involved parties are investigating the possibilities for further cooperation. Recognized in their own countries, the three companies are now setting their sights on foreign markets. Up until now, the experience of this business partnership used to be limited to shareholders’ meetings. It is time to share more than only shares. The coming months will bring them to exchange knowledge about the unique selling points and markets’ specifics.


The first one in the spotlight is Yumasoft, founded in 1998 as a provider of experienced software-developers. With over 30 customers worldwide Yumasoft has always been focused on foreign countries. ManualMaster is working with their virtual team based in Poland for more than twelve years. “Under normal circumstances our crews travel to visit each other every year. The cooperation has always been great. Yumasoft developers are team players and our close colleagues, staying connected to the ongoing development of our standard software for Quality, Learning and Risk Management. The senior specialists have a major say in our product and release policy. It is always a team effort”, according to Fred Vahlkamp, co-founder of ManualMaster.

Cultural similarities

The beautiful city of Wroclaw has become one of the most important technology development centres in Poland. There is still a lot of talent to be found there. The universities deliver newcomers to the market each year to compliment a growing cadre of experienced professionals. “We like their way of working. It feels very familiar. The communication is easy and the cultural similarities are easily found. Acquiring skilled prospects in our own country is very difficult for a medium sized company. My advice to companies like us – make a call” , says Fred.

To be continued with a closer look at AKRA.

This article is part of a growing work together between:

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ManualMaster b.v.
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